The Astrology of June 2018
Juliana McCarthy



Happy June!

We begin the month with a beautiful Grand Water Trine, offering healinglove, spirituality, and magical flow. What a relief after Uranus' shift last month, which created schismsstresses, and sudden goodbyes

Meanwhile, Mars is preparing to station, triggering a period of reevaluating the inner masculine. How might we re-orient to our assertionaggression, sexuality, and general direction?

It's the perfect month to heal strife and wounding from our past and to flash on bigger mind. We're learning to expand our hearts, making sure our intellect is balanced with loveintegrity, and sensitivity. At the same time, the planets are calling on us to take greater responsibility for our actions, so we can more actively participate in authentic relationships and community.

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The astrology of June is geared toward our personal lives—our hearts, homes, close relationships, and inner worlds. We begin the month with a gorgeous Grand Water Trine, providing stability, forgiveness, magic, and unconditional love. What a beautiful respite, soothing our nerves after a series of challenging transits over the past few months. Mars begins dancing around the South Node on June 8, before stationing retrograde at the end of the month. We're starting a months-long journey of recalibrating our inner masculine as we pause to reflect on our sexuality, anger, and strife, while also reconsidering our general path forward. The key this month is balancing our heads and hearts, dropping into compassion and self-love while taking responsibility for faulty thinking and previous mistakes. A Gemini New Moon on June 13 dips our intellectual minds into the realms of sensitivity and imagination, and on June 28, a Capricorn Full Moon helps to balance our femininity and masculinity. We're dissolving our rigidity while drawing on Chiron's supreme vulnerability and Cancer's deep feeling. What a perfect time to end old fights, inner struggles, and contention. As we approach eclipse season, we can now prepare ourselves by diving into fearless inner work—securing our attachment systems from within while developing true worthiness and self-awareness. This way, we can ensure big breakthroughs in the coming months. Now, we may ask ourselves if we're aligned with our truest hearts—if we're comfortable in our own skin, loving ourselves and extending that to others. As we continue to build the Aquarian Age, our focus is on greater intimacy, genuine community, and real-life interactions. It's time to work through personal blocks so we can better participate in teamwork, equality, and heartfelt connections.

As the spring fog lifts, may we find the courage to beam the full spectrum of our hearts. May we acknowledge our misunderstandings and mistakes—building the future age from a place of honesty, forgiveness, and deeper self-acceptance.

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