The Astrology of June 2018:
Balancing Head and Heart

by Juliana McCarthy

We begin June within Gemini at the helm—the chatty, curious Twins, who can be too intellectual for their own good. Luckily, we’ve just experienced a Sagittarius Full Moon, which returned us to spirit, nature, and intuition. At the same time, a Grand Water Trine is allowing us to heal, dissolve tension, and rediscover our magical flow. Recent transits have been challenging our nervous systems—bringing heartache, sudden departures, and general disruption. This month we have the chance to settle and turn inward, focusing on our personal lives and our heart’s truest longings.

Mars will soon begin to dance with the South Node before stationing retrograde—ending old arguments while dissolving issues around aggression and dominance. We’re recalibrating the masculine and feminine archetypes over the next several months, redefining the roles of each—both within ourselves and the collective. Narcissism and abuse of power will begin to crumble as we observe ourselves with greater objectivity. This way, we can learn to truly love ourselves—forgiving past mistakes and shortcomings, while growing into increased authenticity. By the end of the month, we’ll be on our way to much deeper intimacy and connection. as we forge stronger bonds based on honesty, genuine safety and security, and the ability to admit our wrongs.


The month begins with a beautiful Grand Water Trine between Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus. Our minds could feel hazy as Jupiter exaggerates Neptune’s fog. Meanwhile, our hearts are expanding and healing during this beautiful and stable formation in deeply sensitive signs. Dreams, art, and love are supported as the planets provide salve for the electric chaos that Uranus induced last month—as he dislodged stagnancy in places where we've been stuck. Now we have the chance to shift into greater ease while flashing on vastness, profundity, and unconditional love. We might bask in the beauty of nature, communing with land and sky. If relationship turmoil has struck, this is the perfect moment to connect with our deep sense of worthiness, dependent on no one but us. Filling our bellies with love, we could remember that within ourselves, we have all that we need.


Mars begins to connect with the South Node on June 8, in a series of three conjunctions. We may find ourselves returning to old fights or wounds, or liberating from unfinished business. Previous goals that we’ve abandoned have the chance now for completion. On the other hand, we might give up on fighting for something, without succumbing to feelings of defeat.

Our inner masculine is beginning a deep dive into reassessment. We’re recalibrating patriarchal values, inner rage, and needs for dominance. The masculine is truly being tested for the sake of healing our collective paradigm. Perhaps we can begin my making amends—admitting our wrongs while understanding that we are all basically good and worthy of love, no matter our flaws. Even if the person we’ve hurt cannot forgive us, it’s time to take ownership for our actions, becoming gentle with our hearts as we pave the way forward.


A Gemini New Moon arrives on June 13, squaring Neptune in Pisces. Foggy, spiritual Neptune is challenging intellectual Gemini, muddling our communication and decision-making. The beauty is that we now have the chance to transcend linear thinking, receiving wisdom through the power of our sensitivity and imaginations. What happens if we communicate from our hearts, rather than our heads? What if we drop dualistic thinking and return to oneness, forgiveness, and interconnection?


The Summer Solstice arrives on June 21—the Sun reaching his zenith. We’re moving into the dark half of the year, as the hours of nighttime increase. With the Sun moving into sensitive Cancer, our focus is shifting toward the deeply personal—our emotional lives, intimacy, families, and home. With so much chaos in the world, we have the chance to retreat and prioritize our more private needs and desires.


On June 26, Mars stations retrograde until August 27, furthering our reflection around the inner masculine, as well as our goals, drives, sexuality, and issues of anger. Frustrations could build as we slow down and reevaluate where we are heading. Just like Mars’ conjunction with the South Node, this transit is providing the opportunity to resolve old conflicts, perhaps by re-triggering them, then eliciting greater awareness around our vulnerabilities and struggles. Any place where we’ve been holding onto power, dominance, arrogance, or control—or harming others to feed our egos—we must now liberate and rebuild. After all, the Aquarian Age is marked by egalitarianism, fearless truth, and inclusion. Anything standing in the way of these fundamental principles will now be challenged and dislodged.


A heavy Capricorn Full Moon ends the month on June 28, forming a conjunction with Saturn and a T-Square with Chiron and the Sun. Falling in the signs of the Father and Mother, while pointing to the Wounded Healer, the Sun and Moon are helping us mend the divide between the feminine and masculine, within ourselves and the collective. Vulnerability could arise as we feel Cancer’s emotionalism and Chiron’s pain. But the Moon’s trine to Uranus lightens our load, allowing us to self-liberate. Whatever painful inner work we’re undergoing is ultimately for the sake of awakening, clearing the way for greater inspiration and meaning in our lives. While change could feel slow, we have the chance now to lay careful foundations, making sure that proper footing carries us forward—into a more secure and enlightened future. It begins with deeply rooting into our own sense of safety and security, rather than looking for external validation—through other people or external success.

June Summary

The astrology of June is geared toward our personal lives—our hearts, homes, close relationships, and inner worlds. We begin the month with a gorgeous Grand Water Trine, providing stability, forgiveness, magic, and unconditional love. What a beautiful respite, soothing our nerves after a series of challenging transits over the past few months. Mars begins dancing around the South Node on June 8, before stationing retrograde at the end of the month. We're starting a months-long journey of recalibrating our inner masculine as we pause to reflect on sexuality, anger, and strife, while also reconsidering our general path forward. The key this month is balancing our heads and hearts, dropping into compassion and self-love while taking responsibility for faulty thinking and previous mistakes. A Gemini New Moon on June 13 dips our intellectual minds into the realms of sensitivity and imagination. On June 28, a Capricorn Full Moon helps to balance our femininity and masculinity, dissolving rigidity while drawing on Chiron's supreme vulnerability and Cancer's deep feeling. What a perfect time to end old fights, inner struggles, and contention. As we approach eclipse season, we can now prepare by diving into fearless inner work—securing our attachment systems from within and developing true worthiness and self-awareness. This way, we can ensure big breakthroughs in the coming months. Now, we may ask ourselves if we're aligned with our truest hearts—if we're comfortable in our own skin, loving ourselves and extending that to others. As we continue to build the Aquarian Age, our focus is on greater intimacy, genuine community, and real-life interactions. It's time to work through personal blocks so we can better participate in teamwork, equality, and heartfelt connections.

As the spring fog lifts, may we find the courage to beam the full spectrum of our hearts. May we acknowledge our misunderstandings and mistakes—building the future age from a place of honesty, forgiveness, and deeper self-acceptance.

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