July 2018 nEWSLETTER
Juliana McCarthy


Happy July!

This month is a cauldron of intensity! With two Grand Trines, two eclipses, and Mars and Mercury retrograding, we're entering a period of deep reflection and karmic reckonings

We can expect sudden change and painful rebirth, along with genuine inner growth and maturation. The Sun is in Cancer, bringing emphasis to our most private matters—home, intimacy, family, and tribe—reminding us to recharge and self-nourish before diving into an erratic month.

It’s time to take responsibility—owning our mistakes, rectifying harmful behaviors, then stepping into our own power, without looking for a savior. On a personal level, relationships are maturing and transforming as we connect more deeply with our vulnerability.

With the new paradigm approaching, set to begin in 2020, the planets are pushing us to progress more rapidly, as souls and as a collective. This month marks a major turning point on our trajectories.

You can read more about The Astrology of July in my article, linked here:



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The astrology of July brings forth tremendous chaos and intensity, with the intention of leading us toward positive rebirth. Beautifully supportive Grand Trines inspire stability and self-sufficiency, spiritually and emotionally. We’re becoming more responsible for our actions, feelings, and mistakes. Our paths forward are leading us toward greater integrity, honesty, and authenticity—within ourselves, our relationships, and the collective. Multiple planets are in retrograde, slowing our momentum and forcing us inward. At the same time, the Sun in Cancer is bringing the focus to our personal lives, encouraging us to replenish our souls before eclipse season approaches. This month, a Lunar and Solar Eclipse are set to bring profound revelations and breakthroughs, as we rectify imbalanced power dynamics and make room for an emblazoned, unconstrained feminine. With Chiron in Aries and Mars moving retrograde, another big theme is the recalibration of our inner masculine. We’re reflecting on ways we’ve caused harm, examining our anger from previous situations we have yet to resolve—even from past lives. How can we self-liberate and move into open-heartedness, genuineness, and joy? What do we need to release, rebuild, or create from scratch? The future is up to us, and the more we can still our minds and sit with our pain and vulnerability, the more we can blaze trails toward a better future. We’re preparing for the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020, and the Aquarian Age is already underway. We incarnated at this moment to be warriors who can withstand intensity—leaders who can lend our gifts toward collective liberation. The time is now to step up with integrity, helping to rebuild the world from the rubble of a falling kingdom. We’re preparing to give birth to something new—something electric and kind that moves us away from the darkness, toward goodness, decency, and love.

As the thunder rumbles and the rains from summer storms fall, may we anchor to the earth and open to changing seas. May we invoke the moon of kindness in our hearts, allowing softness to be our strength, compassion our guiding light.

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