The Astrology of July 2018:
Chaos + Maturation

by Juliana McCarthy


July 1, 2018 — July is a cauldron of intensity, deep reflection, and karmic reckonings. The planets are igniting sudden change and rebirth, underscored by genuine inner growth and maturation. Cancer the Crab is at the helm, bringing emphasis to our most private matters—home, intimacy, family, and tribe—reminding us to take time to recharge and self-nourish before diving into an erratic month.

Mars has just stationed retrograde, helping us recalibrate the inner masculine, while calling into question our anger, passions, sexuality, and desires. At the same, two Grand Trines arrive this month, softening our edges. They're offering helpful stability before a prolonged eclipse season, set to bring about painful breakthroughs and revelations of truth.

Transformation is truly underway, within ourselves, our lives, and the collective. It’s time to take responsibility—owning our mistakes, rectifying harmful behaviors, then stepping into our own power without looking for a savior. On a personal level, relationships are maturing and transforming as we connect with our vulnerable hearts and deep care for the Earth and each other. We have no choice but to embrace our authenticity, uncertainty, and the unknown. With careful consideration, we’re determining what to discard, what to rework, and what to create anew as we pave the way toward the new age—and toward a saner, more inspired future. 

Planets in Retrograde

With many planets in retrograde this month, there’s no rush. We’re laying careful foundations and undergoing the inner work necessary to transition into the new age in humanity, set to begin in 2020. We’re facing ourselves truthfully and taking ownership for what’s ours—retracting blame while recognizing the power we hold that stems from our self-sovereignty and genuine heartedness. When Chiron turns retrograde in Aries on July 4, we are supported in going inside of ourselves to heal. Mars, Aries’ ruler, is also in retrograde, and the masculine is up for review in many hard-hitting ways. It’s time to course-correct, and the impact will be major and far-reaching. Not only are we examining this on a personal level, we’re helping to steer the collective ship toward a new paradigm defined by a softer, more reflective norms for the masculine. Sexuality is also changing as we discover the spiritual healing power that emanates from within—with an emphasis on openness, vulnerability, and deep energetic exchange, rather than a dominant attitude toward women that’s superficial, abusive, or objectifying.

Grand Water Trine

The first Grand Trine of the month is a mystical Water Trine, which occurs July 5 to 8. The Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter are forming the most supportive and harmonious angles with one another, reminding us to go into nature nature, meditate, heal ourselves, play music, and step away from the noise.

What are we feeling? What are we dreaming?

We’re learning emotional and spiritual self-reliance on a deep level, which will provide a necessary backdrop for more the more intense work approaching.

Grand Earth Trine

On July 11, the second Grand Trine of the month forms in earth signs, between Venus, Uranus, and Saturn—planets of love, revolution, and responsibility. This self-contained energy is teaching us to rely on our own inner strength as we connect with deeper, more unshakable integrity and stability within ourselves. This is a beautiful moment for relationships as we establish novel ways of connecting—marked by sanity and decency, rather than impulsiveness and chaos. Relationships could either begin now or reboot. We could find more mature, committed ways of connecting as we work through interpersonal fears and engage with increased emotional honesty. Whatever happens is certain to align with our deepest selves and where we’re heading as souls, helping us become more genuine in our expression. Our values are also shifting, along with artistic expressions and aesthetic sensibilities. It’s time to celebrate and create beauty that we’ve never seen before, that breaks out of the status quo and challenges what’s come before. As we transform our relationship to femininity, we’re particularly calling into question how we depict the female form in the media and art. The white-male gaze, previously dominant in our culture, is continuing to become less and less interesting and relevant.

Cancer New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse

On July 12, at 7:47pm Pacific Time, a partial Solar Eclipse arrives in Cancer, opening the portal to eclipse season. Time begins to warp as we enter a prolonged period of compression and karmic ripening. Because there are three eclipses, the season lasts twice as long as usual, with the portal closing on August 11—after the second Solar Eclipse. 

An eclipse is intense on its own, but this one falls opposite to Pluto—planet of death, rebirth, and alchemical transformation. The power of this combination cannot be underestimated. This is a potent and transmutational beginning, when important changes must occur. Because there’s a supportive Grand Trine in the background, we know that the power of this eclipse will work toward good rather than needless destruction. With an eye toward the long-term future, pragmatism, and sanity, we can disrupt and revolt against old patterns, which have been harmful and systemic, even in our own personal thinking. Solar eclipses often denote rectification of abuse, or “the falling of a king” when there’s been an imbalance of power. With two of them this summer, we could truly experience transformation of power structures in all facets of our lives—within ourselves, our relationships, politics, and society. Falling in the sign of the matriarchy, we could also read this eclipse as the beginning of a more female-ruled world. The female principle within in each of us is moving to the fore—strengthening our receptivity and kindness, as well as our powers to transform, love unconditionally, and birth new energy. So many transits are indicating that the goddesses are returning, and we’re reclaiming their long-lost wisdom.

Aquarius Full Moon /  Total Lunar Eclipse

On July 27, at 1:20pm Pacific Time, a Full Moon Total Eclipse brings a swell of emotion and culmination of previous energies. The Sun and Moon form a T-Square with Uranus, eliciting anger, aggression, and sudden change. Repressed situations, karma, pain, and turmoil from the past could now unearth for the purpose of liberation. This way, we will move into the future with greater resolution and lighter loads. At the same time, we’re transforming our narcissism, selfishness, and abusive tendencies, transmuting them into generosity and magnanimity—the enlightened potential of Leo Sun. We’re raising our gazes from our own navels toward the bigger picture and the collective well-being. For the past year—since the nodes entered the Leo-Aquarius axis—we’ve been focused on how to bring our talents to the world for the benefit of all. This eclipse is the fruition of that journey. If we haven’t yet, now is the time to leap into our authentic hearts, offering our gifts to the world with pleasure and joy, and igniting our passions in more meaningful ways. The more we feed our true hearts, the more light we’ll be able to radiate toward all. By the end of July, we are well on our way toward the Aquarian age and the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020. Egalitarianism is centerstage as we set our egos aside. With courage and resolve, we're building enlightened society from the ground up—one compassionate heart at a time.

July Summary

The astrology of July brings forth tremendous chaos and intensity, with the intention of leading us toward positive rebirth. Beautifully supportive Grand Trines inspire stability and self-sufficiency, spiritually and emotionally. We’re becoming more responsible for our actions, feelings, and mistakes. Our paths forward are leading us toward greater integrity, honesty, and authenticity—within ourselves, our relationships, and the collective. Multiple planets are in retrograde, slowing our momentum and forcing us inward. At the same time, the Sun in Cancer is bringing the focus to our personal lives, encouraging us to replenish our souls before eclipse season approaches. This month, a Lunar and Solar Eclipse are set to bring profound revelations and breakthroughs, as we rectify imbalanced power dynamics and make room for an emblazoned, unconstrained feminine. With Chiron in Aries and Mars moving retrograde, another big theme is the recalibration of our inner masculine. We’re reflecting on ways we’ve caused harm, examining our anger from previous situations we have yet to resolve—even from past lives. How can we self-liberate and move into open-heartedness, genuineness, and joy? What do we need to release, rebuild, or create from scratch? The future is up to us, and the more we can still our minds and sit with our pain and vulnerability, the more we can blaze trails toward a better future. We’re preparing for the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020, and the Aquarian Age is already underway. We incarnated at this moment to be warriors who can withstand intensity—leaders who can lend our gifts toward collective liberation. The time is now to step up with integrity, helping to rebuild the world from the rubble of a falling kingdom. We’re preparing to give birth to something new—something electric and kind that moves us away from the darkness, toward goodness, decency, and love.

As the thunder rumbles and the rains from summer storms fall, may we anchor to the earth and open to changing seas. May we invoke the moon of kindness in our hearts, allowing softness to be our strength, compassion our guiding light.

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