January 2019 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy 2019!

Shaken by a stormy 2018, we leave the year far more resilient, having faced some of our deepest pain during a yearlong journey of Jupiter in Scorpio. As we begin 2019, we now have the chance to steady our pace and come home to ourselves, with clear vision for the future.

With multiple planets in earth signs and the North Node in Cancer, we’re now finding stronger anchors within ourselves as we rely less on external authority and perceptionsSelf-care and our emotional needs are now taking precedence over mindless workambition, and empty success.

We’re using the pain of last year as fuel to become wiser and more integrated, then building our lives and world from there. After all, this is the final year before the paradigm shift of 2020, when we will enter a whole new age in humanity...

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As we begin 2019, we’re moving from a year of great upheaval and inner turmoil, into a one of simplifying, finding ground, and coming home to ourselves. Jupiter has just moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius, and we’re finally extracting the wisdom of the past year’s shadow work, which confronted us with intensity and our deepest pain. Our eyes are beginning to glimmer in the light of optimism, expansion, joy, and peace. We’re growing into more integrated, resilient, and wiser versions of ourselves. However, even though we’re now moving forward, 2019 is not about speed. With many planets in slow and steady earth signs, the focus is on anchoring down and finding our bearings for the long haul. Whatever we build this year must embody integrity, heart, and concern for all beings. Otherwise, with Saturn and Pluto on the South Node, karmic reckonings are ready to right our courses. With the North Node in maternal Cancer, the key is to feel safe within ourselves, orienting more toward family, close friend groups, and above all, self-care. Meanwhile, Uranus and Chiron are shifting signs. We’re ready to revolutionize the economy, our inner feminine, the environment, and how we allocate resources. We’re tenderizing the inner masculine, while beginning a powerful journey of healing ourselves, our bodies, and our self-confidence. With Jupiter and Neptune in square, the planets are ensuring that our crowns stay open to the higher realms, even as we focus on grounding, paring down, and tending to the mundane. All that we experience this year is ultimately leading us to the paradigm shift in 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will meet in Capricorn for the first time in 2,200 years, beginning a whole new age in humanity. The key for 2019 is not to stay stuck—to avoid clinging to the past or unhealthy addictions and patterns of escapism. If we can be at ease with ourselves no matter what—establishing deep inner peace, deliberation, and self-sufficiency—we’ll be ready for these great changes. We’re paving the way toward a world where selfishness, addictions, and abuses of power no longer define our culture. If we’re able to work consciously with these energies and shifts, 2019 will provide great transformation, awakening, and a clear path toward the new paradigm.

At the cusp of the New Year, may we feel rooted in the strength of our spines and hearts, and the suchness of our beings. Releasing the old, may we bask in the light of hope and expansion, and the warmth of loving embraces.

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