january 2018 newsletter
Juliana McCarty


✨🌟⚡️ Happy New Year! ⚡️🌟✨

Today, we’re beginning the year with a watery Cancer Full Moon, helping us release our built-up emotions before starting the New Year. This is fortunate since we have much to integrateChaosrevolution, anderraticism defined 2017, as we faced a disruptive T-Square for most of the year.

Looking ahead, we are entering a steadierheavier period, with three slow-moving planets shifting into more stable and serious placements.Jupiter has moved into ScorpioSaturn into Capricorn, and Uranus will be moving into Taurus in the spring. If last year required us to violently till the soil, fighting for revolution, this year involves watering our seeds, fertilizing the plans we’d like to set into motion. Rebellion and angry speech are now shifting into practical action. It’s time to build the world we want to inhabit, beginning with our own lives...

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The New Year heralds major change, with multiple slow-moving planets shifting signs. 2017 was chaotic and unpredictable, with Uranus eliciting revolution, shock, chaos, and contention. The planets are now moving into steadier influences, bringing increased stability, honesty, and integrity. How can we unify our hearts with practical reality, our visions with pragmatism? How can we become more loving, vulnerable, and open to one another, establishing more heartfelt systems, communities, and careers? Meanwhile, Mother Earth is speaking to us, waking us up to corrections we need to make in order to sustain ourselves and the natural world. Farming and economic systems are set to change, undergoing a revolution. As we rapidly approach the new paradigm, set to begin in 2020, this year marks a turning point when we must start building the future we want to inhabit. It’s time to manifest—through hard work, organization, and common sense—while never losing site of our highest ideals. By balancing the feminine and masculine, developing more honesty and integrity, and connecting to each other with increased tenderness and care, we can steer the ship back to center, establishing egalitarian ideals and a society that supports our fulfillment, joy, and unity.

Cheerful and aligned, may we do our parts to build a saner world. May we become more of who we are—inspired beings, filled with strength and compassion, clarity and heart. 

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