Gemini New Moon:
the silence beneath our words

by Juliana McCarthy

Henry Darger

Henry Darger

June 3, 2019 — The Gemini New Moon arrives Monday morning, at 3am Pacific Time. Gemini rules conversation, the mind, and intellect, and this lunation is sparking new patterns in these domains. Today, we can make commitments to ourselves around how we speak with others and relate to our own minds. 

Which thoughts are we feeding, and how does that affect us? How can speak more kindly, honestly, and effectively? And above all, how can we better listen?

Meanwhile, we’re questioning what’s true and what we believe in. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is opposing exaggeratory Jupiter, while both square foggy Neptune. In this haze of thoughts and communication, it would serve us now to tune into silence, finding what resonates as truth beneath our words.

With Gemini’s airy energies swirling about, we may find ourselves in conflict or debate. We might consider: How can we stand up for our causes without burning bridges? How can we form helpful alliances so we feel supported and safe? And how can we allow those who’ve been harmed to express their anger, even if it’s messy?

This New Moon is granting us the inspiration to become more curious about other people’s voices and perspectives, to open our minds beyond know-it-all rigidity. The more we can loosen our grips, the more new energies can blossom as we release the old with gratitude and grace.

The Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction continues, and we’re purifying deep karma. At the same time, we’re moving toward the Cancer North Node—undoing repression as we fully embody our emotions. We’re learning to give voice to what we feel, harnessing our strength and fairness as we speak our truth and hold space for those who feel unheard.

This is a powerful time of change, and we’re in the cauldron together. We’re transmuting old baggage into wisdom as we pave the way toward the new paradigm. Along this journey, this New Moon is allowing us a moment to focus on our communication and interactions with others so we don’t have to feel alone. We can generate joy, mirth, and humor as we align with our highest ideals, working to include everyone as we establish balance and harmony in our world.

On this Gemini New Moon, may we open our minds and drop into our hearts. May we voice our deepest feelings, heal our communication, and deepen our silence and ability to hear.

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