Gemini Full Moon:
making our Dreams a Reality

by Juliana McCarthy

Charles Steinheimer, Twins At Soquel School, 1947

Charles Steinheimer, Twins At Soquel School, 1947

December 3, 2017 — Sunday's Gemini Full Moon marks an epic moment of release—culminating some of the powerful and challenging energies we've been experiencing for the past few years. Forming a conjunction to Saturn, the Galactic Center, and Mercury's station retrograde, we are facing our karma around communication of all kinds—in the media, politics, and our interpersonal relationships. Mistakes, lies, and abuses of power have been exploding in our faces—amplifying then destroying. Truth is prevailing as we make room for a period of heightened integrity and values.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is trining magical Neptune. We are calling from our deep unconscious to heal divisiveness and contention. On a personal level, we've been diving deep into our shadow work—resolving old wounds, along with pain and self-loathing. All of this has been arising to clear the way for the new paradigm, making sure we remove obstacles as we shift into higher frequencies.

At the same time, this has been a wonderful period for heightened creativity, magic, and vision. We might meditate now on what we would like to manifest. We are experiencing a rare moment when our dreams and reality are beautifully aligned. The Universe is ready to make our wildest visions come true—as long as they're oriented toward the greater good.

In the silence of winter, may we touch earth and discover our stillness and truth. Releasing unnecessary chatter, may we drop into our hearts—finding the magical and ordinary place where heaven and earth collide.

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