February 2019 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy February!

This month begins with a beautiful Aquarius New Moon on Monday, which closes the Eclipse Portal, and helps us manifest our visions for a whole new seven-year cycleChiron moves into Aries mid-month, while Uranus moves into Taurus in early March. We can think back to 2011 and remember what phases we began then that we're now wrapping up.

Meanwhile, the planets are inviting us to become better versions of ourselves—more honest, inspired, and concerned for the collective whole. Our passions and discontent may be running high, but they’re here to help us break free of stagnant patterns so we can find fresh footing, more aligned with our authentic selves... 
Read more about the Astrology of February in my article.


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February ignites powerful passions and discontent, which are helping us break out of old patterns and outmoded versions of ourselves. We’re learning to harness our creativity and brilliance, finding new ways to orient toward our minds, lives, and each other. The month begins with a beautiful Aquarius New Moon, which pushes us to grow into the next version of ourselves, while supporting us in making our dreams a reality. With Mars conjunct Uranus, our courses could abruptly change. However, we're ultimately being called to take inspired action, to leap into the future without needless fears or inhibitions. With Capricorn in Venus, we’re slowly and steadily rebuilding our relationships while developing more integrity and discernment around love, finances, and creative pursuits. We might ask ourselves: What do we desire, and what practical steps can we take to build our visions of what could be? As the month ends, we’re letting go of the past, particularly around relationships, while powerfully manifesting whatever we’ve been setting our sights on. It’s important to be careful of where we exert ourselves, what choices we make, and what karma we create. We’ll be powerfully shifting into whole new energies next month, when Uranus moves into Taurus and begins to solidify our future.

Surrounded by snow, may the electric cold jolt us into the next phase. May we find the courage to become better versions of ourselves—kinder, freer, more honest, and more aware of our oneness and interconnection. 

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