February 2018 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy



⚡️Happy February! ⚡️

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo arrived yesterday, bringing a major release before we launch into February. With Aquarius in command, we're channeling our insights and objectivity, stepping back to survey the landscape of our lives to see what needs changing. We're letting go of unhealthy conditioning, relationship patterns, traumas, and stagnation—anything blocking our authentic hearts and evolution

Meanwhile, the planets shift from electric Aquarius into dreamy Pisces later this month, moving us into the realms of magicspiritualityimagination, and unconditional love. We're softening and learning to forgive ourselves and each other, just in time for Chiron's deeper healing, which arrives in March...

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I'll be in Brooklyn and the North Fork of Long Island for most of the month. Send me a message if you'd like to schedule an Astrology Reading orEnergy Healing, in person or via Zoom.


  • $100 for an hour-long relationship reading, since this month includes Valentine's Day, and is a beautiful month for love astrologically. We can look at a relationship between you and your partner, crush, co-worker, family member, or friend, to see how the two of you connect—your karma, strengths, and challenges

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February continues Eclipse Season, which began with a Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31. With the eclipses falling along the Aquarius-Leo axis, we're releasing patterns and constructs that hold us back, while breaking through barriers to our heart’s deepest longings. Uranus supports us this month in embracing our differences and celebrating our unique talents. The planets are encouraging us to break free from the status quo, even within ourselves. We're becoming renegades, fueled by our passions, leading ourselves and others into fresh new phases. As planets begin moving into Pisces later this month, our differences and individuality will begin melting into compassion, understanding, and deeper recognition of interconnection. We are softening and finding common ground—making space for our authentic selves to join in deeper intimacy and mutuality. Looking ahead, March will be a month of great healing, with many planets conjuncting Chiron. The more we can release this month—past behaviors, toxic patterns, and conditioning—the better equipped we’ll be to heal our deeper wounds next month. After a period of epic contention and erraticism over the past few years, we’re finally learning to get along—beginning with self-love, acceptance, and the understanding of our basic goodness. We're finding ways to join together and create change—throwing our silly notions of separation to the breeze of liberation.

Like the ocean blending with the horizon, may we release our solid grips, flashing on bigger mind. May we relax, surrendering our misconceptions to the winds, lightning, and immensity of sky.

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