The Astrology of February 2018:
return to Love

by Juliana McCarthy


February 1, 2018 — As we enter February, we're shifting from the heaviness of Capricorn into Aquarius’ electric intellect. It could feel like emerging from a mossy cave into a lightning storm. The energies are restless. We're wading through changing tides, pushing us into greater authenticity. The Water Bearer is future-oriented. Eccentric and aloof, he encourages us to rebel and reinvent the wheel for sake of humanity. He's comfortable in chaos–stepping back from human drama to observe, offer insight, and facilitate change.

As we experience two eclipses along the Leo-Aquarius axis, we're continuing to find ways to express our unique talents to the world for the benefit of all—with courage and heart. When planets move into Pisces later in the month, we could feel the urge to go on retreat, meditate, and pay attention to our dreams—as we float through the waters of magic, exalted love, and imagination. Until then, the electricity of February is zapping us into the next phase—stripping us of misconceptions. This way, we can plunge into the Neptunian ocean of forgiveness and inseparability. Fights will dissolve as we remember our true nature, and return to love.


A Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo arrives on January 31, setting the tone for February. Opposing Venus and the South Node, this eclipse is helping us release outworn patterns in our relationships. Now, the Sun and Mercury are following suit, on February 3 and 9. We are uprooting old dynamics, identities, and mental constructs, making room for deeper truths. We're opening to fresh perspectives, letting go of any solidness or clinging that's impeded our evolution. As we celebrate each other’s idiosyncrasies, we are learning to trust ourselves, outside of groupthink. Aquarian and Uranian people may now find their audiences, after lifetimes of alienation and rejection. The world is finally catching up with out-there inventions and ideas that were previously ahead of their time.


An Aquarius Solar Eclipse arrives on February 15, in tight conjunction with Mercury. Issues around communication are arising, especially as the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus—the higher octave of chatty Mercury. This Solar Eclipse is continuing our journey of rerouting mental patterns and communication. If we can harness this energy, breakthroughs and epiphanies are possible. We are waking up—personally, emotionally, politically, and spiritually. We are moving further into a new paradigm, aligned with higher ideals. Meanwhile, we are rebelling against the status quo, and even against our own faulty thinking. If we feel stuck in any rut—in our jobs, relationships, communities, or projects—we could now harness our genius and intuition to break free.


Mars squares Neptune on February 17, beginning a period of softening, dreaminess, and possible confusion. Here, assertive and goal-driven Mars halts his momentum and retreats into the clouds. The more we fight, the more we question why we even started fighting to begin with. Self-righteousness, toxic masculinity, and combativeness are melting into forgiveness, compassion, and shared vulnerability. In many ways, divisive ideologies, such as racism and misogyny, are moving further toward dismantling and dissolving.


Neptunian energies continue as Mercury and the Sun move into Pisces on February 18, leading us out of Aquarius’ domain into the realm of the Fish. Like sea glass, we’ve been softened by rough waves, and now we can reach further depths of our sensitivity and imagination. Spiritual undercurrents unify us, reminding us that duality was only a dream. The walls around our hearts start to melt, exposing the tenderness within each of our cores. This could be a rich and fruitful time for healing, meditation, music, poetry, and art. We must only be wary of escapism.


Neptune’s power crescendos when he meets up with Venus on February 21. Now, the planets of romantic and universal love are dancing in harmony. Forgiveness and unconditional love abound, as we lay down our arms and discover common ground. If we’ve been fighting with friends or partners, this is a beautiful period to make amends. March will be a potent month for healing, as many planets conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Now, Neptune is preparing us with openhearted empathy. The more we can use this month to let go of clinging, dissolving the rigidity in our hearts, the more available we’ll be to Chiron’s deeper healing.

February Summary

February is Eclipse Season, beginning with a Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31, which sets the tone for the next twenty-eight days. We are releasing patterns and constructs that hold us back, while breaking through barriers to our heart’s deepest longings. Uranus supports us this month in embracing our differences and celebrating our unique talents. The planets are encouraging us to break free from the status quo, even within ourselves. We are becoming renegades, fueled by our passions, leading ourselves and others into fresh new phases. As planets begin moving into Pisces later this month, our differences and individuality begin melting into compassion, understanding, and deeper recognition of interconnection. We are softening and finding common ground—making space for our authentic selves to join in deeper intimacy and mutuality. Looking ahead, March will be a month of great healing, with many planets conjuncting Chiron. The more we can release this month—past behaviors, relationship dynamics, and conditioning—the better equipped we’ll be to heal our deeper wounds next month. After a period of epic contention and erraticism over the past few years, we’re finally learning to get along—beginning with self-love, acceptance, and the understanding of our basic goodness. We're finding ways to join together and create change—throwing our silly notions of separation to the breeze of liberation.

Like the ocean blending with the horizon, may we release our solid grips, flashing on bigger mind. May we relax, surrendering our misconceptions to the winds, lightning, and immensity of sky.

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