eclipse season:
the falling of a king

by Juliana McCarthy

Jasper Johns,  Three Flags

Jasper Johns, Three Flags

August 8, 2017 — August 8, 2017 — I don’t normally write about the astrology of politics, sticking to the underlying astrological currents that affect us more personally. However, this Eclipse Season requires mention of its effects on the political sphere. The total Solar Eclipse falling only over the United States, which hasn’t happened since 1918. There is much to contemplate and consider as we maneuver our way through the next month.

The total Solar Eclipse arrives on August 21, blocking the entirety of the Sun in many parts of the U.S.  Traditionally, a Solar Eclipse represents the falling of a king if there’s an imbalance of power, and this one will fall on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. The Ascendant is the most crucial point in a person’s chart, and Mars represents our direction, and sometimes accidents. Since Donald Trump was born within a few hours of an eclipse, he is even more susceptible to their effects. While I won’t conjecture about the specifics of what might happen, it seems that Trump could experience a drastic change of course during this time and after.

Conjunct the fixed star Regulus, which represents vengeance, this Solar Eclipse stands to rectify actions and trajectories that are rooted in vengeance. The Lunar Eclipse on August 7 has already opened the door to emotional revelation and hidden truths. If we don’t take this time to purify our ill intentions, the Universe could speed up our karma or fate, making us face the consequences of our actions. Since this eclipse falls so perfectly over the United States, we may experience this as a society and a country. In fact, the Solar Eclipse will oppose the Moon of the United State’s chart, meaning it could alter the heart of our country.

Historically, each minute of darkness during a Solar Eclipse represents a year of aftereffects. Since this eclipse will obscure the Sun for three minutes, its effects stand to last for three years.  In three years it will be 2020—the next election cycle and the beginning of the new paradigm, when Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter join together at the same degree of Capricorn. It feels very much like these eclipses are paving the way to the next age of humanity, doing away with whatever is out of line with authentic heart and the understanding of interconnection.

What specifically happens is yet to be seen. Typically, Eclipse Season comes over us like a fog, obscuring clarity and surprising us with changes of course. The portal of Eclipse Season will close on September 6, which is the Pisces Full Moon. The dust will settle, and we will begin to see how the changes have taken shape.

As we face the uncertainty of this period, it’s important to remember that the antidote to fear is love, that we can ground and return to center and stillness no matter what, and that we can provide sanity, intelligence, and compassion to our own spheres. My intention in sharing the astrology of this period is not to incite panic, but to help us to name the energetic patterns we are experiencing—and to hold big mind as we transition from one cycle to the next.

As Pluto prepares to move into Aquarius, we are beginning to set our sights on creating enlightened society. As always, that begins one person at a time. May we each be loving, discerning, wise, and free. May we connect to the earth and open our hearts, inspiring others to do the same.

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