December 2018 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

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Happy December!

This month, we continue our journey out of our deep shadow work and into the lightJupiter has finally left Scorpio, brightening our perspectives in joyful and optimistic Sagittarius. Our gazes are lifting, with glimmers of hope peaking above the horizon.

Mercury retrograde and Venus have just returned to Scorpio for the week, so first we must revisit old confusionturmoil, and pain, particularly around relationships and communication. But as Mercury stations direct on December 6, we finally end a six-month period of retrogrades, and clarity returns.

Now it's time to reflect on our wildest dreams and visions for the coming year. We've been upending patriarchy, while the feminine is still finding her throne. No one is at the helm, and we have no choice but to become our own inner authority. As we enter the month, we might consider: What do we believe in? And what kind of lifefuture, and world are we ready to manifest and create?

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The planets this December are ready to connect us with our dreams and ideals, encouraging us to set lofty intentions for the coming year. We’re wrapping up six months of retrogrades, resolving relationship quandaries and confusion after a painful period of recalibration. However, it’s not time to act just yet. Mars is squaring Neptune, and our direction is still hazy. We would be better served using the planetary energies to rest in not knowing, while opening our hearts and minds. We’re questioning our solid belief systems, and releasing our anger and stubbornness into the healing waters of interconnection. How can we weave universal love into the fabric of society? How can we let go of the past, opening our doors of repression so we can feel what we feel without shame? We’re continuing to dismantle patriarchy in preparation for the new paradigm in 2020, and it’s now time for the inner feminine to rise in each of us—restoring balance. The North Node is in Cancer for the next eighteen months, and we’re learning to follow our intuition and hearts, rather than our desires to achieve and emulate the status quo. Any ways that we can dissolve our attachments to selfishness and materialism will be amply rewarded. It’s time to embrace the coming age, considering how we will offer ourselves with true strength, which stems from embodying our tenderness, vulnerability, and compassion.

As clouds hug the snow-covered peaks, may we feel the embrace of love in this human realm. May we remember to always look up as we continue to build enlightened society—making sure that each of us, as well as the Earth and her creatures, are cared for, respected, and nurtured.

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