December 2017 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy December! 

This month presents our second major shift, after Jupiter entered Scorpio in October. Saturn is finally changing signs, moving into Capricorn after three long years in Sagittarius. We are now beginning a period of increased sanity and integrity—reeling back from the dogmaoutrageousness, and divisiveness that has defined the past three years. It seems that Capricorn's heavy hand will actually come as a relief!

Before Saturn's shift, he will join Mercury Retrograde this weekend, as they dance across the Galactic Center—making sure we orient to our true purpose and the greater good. This is a wonderful moment to manifest whatever we've been dreaming of—not by magic, but with diligencetenacity, and virtue. It's time to step up and recognize our power to create the relationships, careers, creative projects, and worlds that we've always wanted. 

Read more about the Astrology of December in my latest article.


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Sagittarius is at helms this month, rallying our sense of spontaneity and adventure. However, Capricorn is making an early appearance, keeping our appetites at bay. After a long and challenging journey through Sagittarius, Saturn is finally moving into Capricorn, his zenith—the sign where he is most at home, and most effective. The last few years have been marked by dogma and contention, as we've fought over our increasingly rigid beliefs. Now, we are reining ourselves in—working hard to develop dignity, restraint, and self-sovereignty. In our personal lives, it is time for manual labor, for building whatever dreams we’ve been conceiving with commitment and perseverance. Channeling the Mountain Goat, we can place one foot in front of the other, slowly but steadily climbing our mountains—accomplishing goals and bringing our wildest dreams into fruition. With Mercury in retrograde this month, and two lunations along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, communication is at the fore. In politics, media, and our interpersonal exchanges, we are developing a stronger sense of integrity, fairness, and truth. Karmic reckonings and exposés will continue to unearth, as we take responsibility for ourselves and how we show up for one another.

With the last leaves falling to the ground, may we appreciate the stark beauty of bare branches. Watching our breaths form little clouds, may we recognize the virtues of simplicity, silence and restraint.... Read the full article on December 2017.

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