The Astrology of December 2017:
reeling in

by Juliana McCarthy


December 1, 2017 — We begin December with Sagittarius taking our hand, leading us to adventure. He points to the horizon, beckoning us to come along. But before we disappear with the Centaur into faraway lands, there’s work to be done. Saturn is intervening, reminding us of our responsibilities and hard work. In fact, this month marks a major shift as Saturn finally changes signs, moving into his zenith after three long years. Saturn's previous transit amplified dogma and divisiveness, leading to large-scale fighting, truth bending, and outrageousness. As he moves into Capricorn, we are ready to step into our integrity—facing our karma and rebuilding our lives from sounder foundations.

As the first snowflakes begin to fall, we could embrace December’s cold, which wakes us up to reality. We are preparing to realize our dreams, bringing them to fruition—not by magic, but with diligence, tenacity, and virtue.


On December 1, Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius. We are graduating from some deep shadow work, bounding ahead in our friendships and partnerships with increased lightness and joy. We must only be wary of Mars opposing Uranus on the same day. As the planets of masculinity and honesty confront each other, the doors of truth may continue to fly open, particularly around abuses of power. Fighting is also possible, but as the dust settles, we can move into the future with a stronger sense of clarity, authenticity, and liberation.


The first trine between Jupiter and Neptune arrives on December 2—with two more to follow in 2018. This is one of the most significant transits of the year, as two slow-moving and spiritual planets form the most harmonious angle. This transit supports creativity, imagination, forgiveness, and unconditional love, connecting us with life’s invisible layers. After Saturn’s painful transit through Sagittarius, this transit helps to assuage our divisiveness, reminding us to embrace each other, and to remember that our true nature is oneness and interconnection. It would be good to pay close attention to our dreams. They will feel especially vivid, holding potent keys to our awakening and healing.


The Gemini Full Moon arrives the next day on December 3, just as Mercury stations retrograde. Issues around truth, politics, and media are coming to a head—the pressure valve beginning to release. Meanwhile, Mercury is conjunct to Saturn, ensuring that we've learned our lessons from Saturn's transit through Sagittarius. We have the chance now to review the past few years, carrying forward the wisdom of our mistakes, particularly around communication and interpersonal exchanges. If our projects are moving slower than usual, this is to only to be sure that we take our time and execute them properly.


The conjunction between Mercury and Saturn becomes exact on December 6, in close proximity to the Galactic Center. Meaningful words, articles, or speeches may come forth, silencing unnecessary noise, and aligning us with greater truth. It would be wise to pay attention to auspicious or synchronistic messages around this time. They are likely to carry important information, which could guide our future. This transit may also bring about a tremendous karmic reckoning. If we’ve been resistant to truth, we will now have to face it wholeheartedly. We are aligning our minds and speech with honesty and integrity, as we move into a phase of greater social responsibility. After the past year, this could feel like more of a relief than a heavy hand.


The Sagittarius New Moon arrives on December 18, forming a trine to Uranus, and a conjunction to Venus and Saturn. This is a remarkable New Moon, with beautiful potentials. Saturn is still on the Galactic Center, so any intentions that we set stand to blossom into long-term fruition—as long as they align with the greater good. By encouraging perseverance and hard work, Saturn aids us in manifesting our dreams. At the same time, Uranus is granting the freedom to be fully ourselves. Awakening is now possible as insights flash from above, bringing about epiphanies and creative genius. If we’ve been stuck in any area of our lives—work, love, spirituality, or emotional growth—we could harness this transit to dislodge stagnancy, finding new currents that will lead us to the next phase.


December 20 is the day Saturn finally shifts out of Sagittarius, into Capricorn. This transition happens within hours of the Winter Solstice—a vital point of the zodiac, endowing extra potency and potential. In Capricorn, Saturn has the final word, with the Goat at her zenith. It is now possible to establish solid foundations for our projects, families, and businesses, before we carefully achieve mastery and success. We are entering a heavier period, marked by somberness and determination. It’s time to face our karma—good and bad—and to work together to create projects and systems that are defined by decency, high-functionality, and staying power. Frivolity is a thing of the past, as we learn to whittle down excess, working with the bare minimum.


On December 27, spiritual Neptune trines Mars. In a time of harsh reality, this transit is a reminder to keep our dreams in site, never compromising on our grandest visions of what could be. Firmly planted in reality, our inspiration and love can now beam into limitless space. We are joining heaven and earth—merging our spiritual longings with practical reality.


Sagittarius is at helms this month, rallying our sense of spontaneity and adventure. However, Capricorn is making an early appearance, keeping our appetites at bay.After a long and challenging journey through Sagittarius, Saturn is finally moving into Capricorn, his zenith—the sign where he is most at home, and most effective. The last few years have been marked by dogma and contention, as we've fought over our increasingly rigid beliefs. Now, we are reining ourselves in—working hard to develop dignity, restraint, and self-sovereignty. In our personal lives, it is time for manual labor, for building whatever dreams we’ve been conceiving with commitment and perseverance. Channeling the Mountain Goat, we can place one foot in front of the other, slowly but steadily climbing our mountains—accomplishing goals and bringing our wildest dreams into fruition. With Mercury in retrograde this month, and two lunations along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, communication is at the fore. In politics, media, and our interpersonal exchanges, we are developing a stronger sense of integrity, fairness, and truth. Karmic reckonings and exposés will continue to unearth, as we take responsibility for ourselves and how we show up for one another.

With the last leaves falling to the ground, may we appreciate the stark beauty of bare branches. Watching our breaths form little clouds, may we recognize the virtues of simplicity, silence, and peace.

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