Capricorn New Moon / Solar Eclipse:
A Turning Point

by Juliana McCarthy

Raymond Pettibon

Raymond Pettibon

January 5, 2019 — A New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives today in Capricorn, at 5:41pm Pacific Time, with a Total Lunar Eclipse following in two weeks. As always, eclipse season brings heightened karmic ripening, spiritual growth, and unexpected changes. Our circumstances and limitations may become painfully obvious, triggering our trajectories to speed up, toward our soul’s evolution.

The energies now are heavy, and we may feel blocked or overwhelmed. But at the same time, every planet is now stationed direct, and this is the first New Moon of the New Year. We’re finally reaching a turning point after months of retrogrades and an intense year. Hopefully we’ve been taking the past couple of weeks to reflect, and now we can move forward in constructive ways. Anywhere we still feel stuck is an opportunity to stop and listen to our higher wisdom, to finally face ourselves and the places we’ve felt most held back, along with the deeper reasons why.

With multiple planets in Capricorn, this particular eclipse brings extra weight. Falling at the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto, which are moving toward their 2020 conjunction, it could also bring crisis energy. As we head toward the conjunction, we will continue to see structures and systems falling apart around us. Themes that are opening up now and throughout the year have to do with building our anchors, finding our support—our family, close friends, and tribes—and tending to our deepest emotional needs so that we’re better prepared. The heavy, confrontational quality of today’s eclipse is inviting us to look at ourselves with brutal honesty, and see what’s ready for rectification and release. What needs our attention and care so we can grow into true spiritual mastery—warriors who stand strong as beacons of love?

If we’re feeling overburdened by work or obligations, we can pause and ask ourselves if our hearts our open, if we’ve become too bogged down by mundane reality. The highest potential of Capricorn, after all, is to be the dutiful and wise elder. But what is our greatest duty and wisdom? It’s always to be an example of love. In fact, our only job as human beings is to open our hearts no matter what, and to inspire others to do the same. We can keep returning to that aspiration as a barometer of whether we’ve fallen off our paths, and return to it, again and again.

With snow falling around us, may we feel warmed by our tender hearts. May we find the courage to face ourselves fully, using our frozenness as opportunity to not look away, and to finally enter our paths of most integrity.

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