Capricorn New Moon:
committing to our future

by Juliana McCarthy


January 16, 2018 — The Capricorn New Moon arrives tonight, in the heavy sign of the Mountain Goat. As the first New Moon of 2018, it marks the astrological New Year, setting the tone for the rest of the year. With seven planets in dutiful Capricorn, we might feel overwhelmed by our work and responsibilities. Though stifling, the emphasis on careful planning and restraint is helping us slow down and lay the proper foundations for our future. With a Total Lunar Eclipse arriving in two weeks, we have the chance now to anchor into our intentions before opening to great shifts.

While every New Moon marks a time to set intentions and conjure our dreams, this one holds extra potential for manifestation. It reveals that our diligence and perseverance will pay off—that we can manifest our visions of the future if we’re not afraid of hard work. We might stop now and make commitments to our future selves:

What do we want to change and release? How do we want to relate to ourselves and our lives differently?

We are ready to take the reins and assume responsibility for ourselves and the world around us.

With a strong square to Uranus, this New Moon is pushing us into the future and breaking us out of the past. With discipline and dedication, we are letting go of limiting expectations, circumstances, and habitual patterns. Now is the time to decide if it's time to move homes, change jobs, seek new types of communities and partnerships, commit more deeply to spiritual path, or undo our tendencies toward self-deprecation. Paving the way to the new paradigm, we are moving into fresh energies and potentials—marked by inspiration, freedom, and clear purpose.

A sextile from Mars in Scorpio now highlights our deepest passions and drives. We are moving past superficial desires into questioning our truest longings. As Mars trines Pisces, we may find that our deepest urge is to heal. It’s time to make steps toward liberating ourselves from old wounds, shame, secrets, and aggression. We could take a good look at ourselves, with love and acceptance—especially the parts that make us squeamish.

It’s time to build our future, with greater maturation and awareness. Anything is possible now, as long as we dream, allow ourselves to feel, and find the willingness to dive into ourselves, despite our fears.  The future is unwritten. It’s up to each of us to pave the way to our next phase—and to do so with integrity and joy.

Like oak trees, may we root to the earth and expand to the stars. May we find heaven—not by escaping reality, but by committing more deeply to ourselves and the Earth, with softness, strength, and open hearts.

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