Capricorn Full Moon:
Karmic Rectifications

by Juliana McCarthy

Capricorn by Alejandro Cardenas, from our book The Stars Within You. Prints available for purchase here:

Capricorn by Alejandro Cardenas, from our book The Stars Within You. Prints available for purchase here:

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June 27, 2018 — A heavy Capricorn Full Moon arrives tonight, conjunct Saturn—ruler of karma. Meanwhile, the Full Moon forms an intense T-Square with Chiron and the Sun, eliciting healing crises that could lead to long-term peace and liberation. This Moon is presenting unavoidable karmic reckonings, especially for the masculine. However, it’s also working to bring about positive and cataclysmic change. We're rooting out our deepest pain and toxic conditioning as we prepare for a new paradigm, marked by integrity and kindness.

This Full Moon is straddling the axis of the Father and Mother while forming harsh angles to the Wounded Healer. At the same time, Mars has just stationed retrograde as Chiron moves through Aries, his domicile. The theme is resounding. We’re doing deep work to heal our inner masculine as we mend the divide between the feminine and masculine. This could play out in organizations, the political sphere, the media, or within ourselves, as we examine our wounds connected to our parents, former lovers, and sexuality in particular.

In fact, now is a time for great sexual healing, and for delving into our traumas for the purpose of awakening. We’re confronting the past so we can move into a more genuine and aligned future. This could mean working through childhood wounds or past-life traumas, or letting go of toxic patterns, people, or circumstances. It could mean looking at our long history of violence toward the feminine, recognizing where we’re still playing out harmful conditioning and internalized oppression. 

Now, we might ask—

What’s at the root of our collective anxiety and pain? What traumas, frustrations, and aggressions are ready for full expression and release?

Vulnerability could arise as we feel Cancer’s emotionalism and Chiron’s pain. But the Moon’s trine to Uranus lightens our load, allowing us to self-liberate. Whatever painful work we undergo is ultimately for the sake of our awakening—clearing the way for greater authenticity and meaning in our lives. While change could feel slow, we have the chance now to lay careful foundations, making sure that proper footing carries us forward—into a more secure and enlightened future. It begins with anchoring into our own inner sense of safety and security, rather than looking for external validation, through other people, religion, a guru, or external success.

Within us lies all the wisdom and power we need. Self-reliance and deep emotional mastery are in sight as we take responsibility for ourselves and each other, with tenderness and courage. We only have to remember to stay with our agitation and fear, never giving up. With Mars in retrograde, we're calling on our deep inner strength as move through the pains of an epic rebirth.

On this karmic Full Moon, may we face our truths with patience, integrity, and care. In the moonlight of kindness, may we steer our ships safely through rocky seas of change, tumult, and reparation.

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