Cancer Full Moon:
Letting Go of the Past

by Juliana McCarthy

Rockwell Kent,  Moonlight Winter

Rockwell Kent, Moonlight Winter

December 22, 2018 — The Cancer Full Moon arrives on Friday at 12:48pm EST, offering a powerful moment to break from the past—to liberate from situations, addictions, and ruts that we’ve long outgrown. With the Moon becoming full in Gemini before shifting into Cancer, we now have the chance to finalize our correspondences and clear communication blockages before the New Year. Then we can go deep into Cancer, the Moon’s natural domicile. We have the chance to rest, go inward, and reflect, as the Cancer Full Moon supports us in inner catharsis and emotional release.

With the North Node also in Cancer, this Full Moon is also sparking great feelings of newness.  We’re releasing heavy karmic loads in order to enter completely fresh energy, especially in our relationships and careers. It’s time to thaw emotional repression, uprooting any patriarchal, parental, or societal conditional that are holding us back. We’re ready to move into an empowered inner feminine, where emotional openness and vulnerability are celebrated, and family, safety, and security emphasized. We can reflect on how we will offer our care, nurture, and support in the coming years, with the understanding that we are all family and deeply intertwined. As always, this begins with self-care, and learning how to be our own mothers, ready to nurture ourselves with unconditional compassion.

As Venus forms a trine to Neptune, this is also a beautiful moment for love and forgiveness—with romantic partners, family, and friends. Our hearts are ready to expand as we transcend disagreements, strife, and turmoil. 

May the Cancer Full Moon pull the currents of our hearts, purifying our stuck emotions. May we release the past, allowing ample room for more aligned and meaningful selves, relationships, and pathways forward.

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