Cancer Full Moon:
coming out of our shells

by Juliana McCarthy


January 1, 2018 — We begin 2018 with an emotional Cancer Full Moon Supermoon on January 1, pulling us out of our shells and into our rich, deep, shared vulnerability. The watery Moon is giving us a chance to purify our crescendoing emotions from the past year, letting go of anything we need to discard for the coming year. Forming a Grand Kite with a stellium in Capricorn, the planets are providing a safe container for our emotions to rise and swell. We're cleaning our slates, then setting grounded intentions for 2018:

  • What kind of life, relationships, career, and world do we want to create?
  • What do we need to release, and where do we need to exert ourselves more? 
  • How can we soften our rigidness and open further, forming deeper, more fulfilling connections?

While New Year’s Day is a moment to look ahead to the coming year, this Moon is also beckoning us to look back. We're examining our blocked emotions and memories that still need processing. With Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Scorpio, forming a trine to Neptune and the Moon, we are now able to dive deep into our hidden feelings—our shame, anger, sadness, loneliness, and fears—with Neptune’s gentle hand guiding us through.

The Cancer Moon reminds us that it's ok to feel. We can love ourselves fully, never feeling ashamed of who we are. Then we can move forward more integrated—with softness, authenticity, and mutual compassion.

After a year marked by divisiveness and contention, Neptune is also helping us heal and dissolve the pain of dualistic thinking. He's reminding us to align with our highest ideals of inclusion and unconditional love. We can forgive each other, beginning with ourselves.

Meanwhile, Black Moon Lilith is opposing the Full Moon, opening us to unbridled female sexuality, and releasing it from oppression. Sexual healing is continuing into the month and year, as the feminine takes a stand with dignity and strength. We are now weaving Lilith's deeply feminine wisdom into the fabric of society. It’s time that we face her fully—and our fears around her sexuality, chaos, mystery, and power.

The year ahead is far more stable and pragmatic than recent times, helping us organize and create new structures, routines, communities, and relationship dynamics. This Full Moon is starting us off with an emotional release so we can have a clean slate. From here, we can begin building the lives we want—joining others with shared compassion, vision, and care for all beings. The transits of 2018 are ready to support us in these endeavors, bringing our dreams into reality.

As the snow falls around us, may we open to the silence, stillness, and magic. Feeling deeply, may we take risks, exposing our genuine hearts to true love and auspiciousness.

Happy New Year, and lots of love!

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