The Astrology of August 2019:
Rekindling Our Love for the World

by Juliana McCarthy


We begin this month in the wake of the Leo New Moon, as the Lion leads us toward more heart-centered and joyful times. We’re finally closing the eclipse portal, ending an acute period of emotional and karmic compression. At the same time, Mercury has stationed direct. All of the important work we’ve been doing in looking back and unpacking old and even past-life traumas and patterns, is starting to transform into creative action.

August is a romantic and cheerful month. We have the potential to reconnect with our passion and pleasure, which may have wilted in the face of the world’s intensity. We’re learning that even as we undergo important work within ourselves and the collective, it’s very possible, important even, to feel our bliss and connect with one another playfully, with open hearts. We’re reclaiming our childlike innocence and authenticity, stating our desires without shame as we conjure our humor, direct expression, and courage. We’re even rediscovering our own magic, which we may have lost touch with from living in a society where magic and feminine wisdom have been treated with disregard—shamed, abused, and desecrated.

Now, this month, we’re learning to fall in love with life and each other all over again. We’re finding that facing our fears and discomfort does not negate laughter, artistic expression, or sensual pleasure. It can even lead to greater intimacy, healing, and connection as we un-repress ourselves and undo harmful conditioning. Softening our hearts, we’re ready to step into the bright Leo Sun and relish in creating a whole new paradigm.

Leo New Moon / Mercury Stations Direct

The Leo New Moon has just arrived on July 31, right as Mercury stationed direct. We’re now beginning the month with a renewed sense of love and joy. All of the inward reflection we’ve been undergoing is transitioning into sudden awakenings. Falling between Venus and Mars, planets of the feminine and masculine, we have the chance to move into new energies around how we relate to one another in love and friendship. With Saturn and Pluto circling the South Node while opposite Mercury, we can break out of stagnation, repression, and shame, and move into greater vulnerability around communication. Chiron is trining this New Moon, supporting us in healing our hearts and moving into brighter, more passionate expressions of our gifts, creativity, and generosity. With great relief, we’re remembering why we love ourselves, each other, and the world.

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Sun conjunct Venus

On August 13, Venus joins the Sun, filling our world with love, creativity, peace, and open-heartedness. At the same time, challenging aspects between Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto from the Sun, Venus, and Mercury ensure that our buoyant leonine energy does not become arrogance or narcissism.

Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon arrives on August 15, marking a moment of collective release as we prepare to more fully inhabit the new paradigm of 2020 and the Aquarian Age. Venus is conjunct the Sun, continuing to shine light on our relationships and inner feminine. Love, peace, and honesty are highlighted as we continue the work of individuating. We’re becoming more authentic and self-sufficient, while generating more genuine and inclusive visions of the future. We’re also finding work outside the status quo that contributes to our collective evolution while making good use of our passions and talents. As Neptune squares the lunar nodes, empathy, forgiveness, and unity are becoming more prominent. We’re making sure that every voice is heard—that we open our eyes further to the magic of people, communities, and cultures different from our own.

Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon arrives on August 30 after a big shift of planets into Virgo, which begins August 17. Virgo rules order, practicality, and service. We’re now moving forward with integrity, clarity, and care, as well as thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and consideration for all beings. With Mars and Neptune conjunct the New Moon, we’re finding gentler directions forward as our inner masculine, anger, and assertion soften and heal. It’s time to become organized but with a gentle touch, engaging in our sacred work with joy and open hearts. We’re truly learning that vulnerability and bliss do not prevent us from stepping out as tender warriors of the world, or standing up for what is right. With great love and ease we are doing just that—contributing our service in meaningful ways that will help unite us in body, mind, and spirit. Our paths toward spiritual perfection inside ourselves were never separate from the collective journey. We’re finding more and more that the world is reflecting our own inner awakenings, releases, and healing. We’re all connected—the suffering and joy of one belong to all.

August Summary

After a heavy, emotional period of karmic purification and turning inward, we’re now closing the eclipse portal and entering a playful period of leonine joy, heart, romance, and passion. We’re rekindling our love for world and finding that even as we work toward healing our communities and breaking out of the status quo, we can do so with humor and pleasure, delighting in life and one another. This is a relatively cheerful month compared to recent times, an important moment to refresh our hearts and heal our relationships, especially between the masculine and feminine. At the same time, the planets are making sure that we don’t become carried away with ego or narcissism. By the end of August, many planets move into Virgo, and we’re clarifying our visions for what we can create in our lives and the world. With humility, we’re stepping into sacred work as we form alliances to bring our talents and passions forward, for the benefit of all. Community is key as we find our footing in bringing about a whole new paradigm—new kinds of relationships, morality, and ideological frameworks that are kinder, more inclusive, and celebratory of magic, the feminine, and our differences. We’re learning to trust ourselves and our perspectives as we continue to break out of the status quo and rely more on our intuition, divinity, and unique brilliance.

With the bright Leo Sun beaming down, may we celebrate the joys of being human, even as we work toward deep-rooted change in ourselves and society. Playing, dancing, and laughing, may we remember why we love each other and our world, knowing that anything is possible, with proper vision, imagination, and heart.

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