August 2018 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy August!

This month we're closing the eclipse vortex—with a third and final eclipse arriving on August 11. At the same time, multiple planets are in retrograde, forcing us to turn inward before we leap ahead.

In particular, Mars retrograde has been generating heat, helping us question our desires and recalibrate our sexuality and inner masculine. And now, Uranus is entering the mix, triggering plot twists and volatility—as well as unexpected opportunities and insights. Our trajectory could now veer into a whole new direction.

The key this month is to rest with uncertainty, and to take the time to strategizeplan, and remember our pleasure and joy. If we can slow down and stay grounded, we have the chance to break out of deep ruts and open to much greater frequencies of light and potential. We only have to call on our patience as we ride out the storms... Read more about The Astrology of August in my article.




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This August is a month of frustration and discomfort, as well as tremendous insights, breakthroughs, and unexpected turns. We're closing the eclipse vortex, with the third and final eclipse of the summer arriving on August 11. It's helping us release traumas, fears, relationships, and circumstances that have been holding us back from our deepest pleasures and desires. At the same time, many retrogrades are forcing us to turn inward, with Uranus unsticking our places of stubbornness and rigidity. We have no choice but to draw on our patience during this time of immense reflection and standstill. We might ask ourselves: What mistakes have we repeatedly made? What unhealthy patterns are we ready to dislodge? And which direction are we now ready to move toward? While August is a month of thwarted momentum, it's also allowing us the chance to lay proper foundations so we may fulfill our long-term visions. By the end of the month, Mars will station direct, finally bounding us ahead, while the Pisces Full Moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn—stabilizing our chaos. We'll be much better equipped to catapult into the future, balancing our creativity with pragmatism, our personal pleasure with deep care for the greater good. Without choice, we're learning self-sufficiency as we develop trust in ourselves and the universe. The key now is to surrender and relax.

As lightning strikes, waves crashing against the bow, may we call on our inner pace and stability. May our natural wisdom keep us afloat, our eyes squinting in the early morning sun.

Read my full article on The Astrology of August here...

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