August 2017 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy August!  Heart-centered Leo is in command in month, leading us deeper into an earth-rattling Eclipse Season. The total Solar Eclipse will cross the United States on August 21 in a rare occurence, darkening most of the fifty states. This is a time for breakthroughsrevelation, and sudden changes. We can a look to our natal charts to see where the eclipses fall and which area of our lives they will affect most.

It is extra important to set intentions this month and to clarify what we would like to manifest from a place of authenticity and pure intention. Any activities stemming from egotism, vengeance, or selfishness stand to be rectified and destroyed. The path is clearing for our true purpose. Read more about the Astrology of August in my latest article.



I'll be giving a little talk on the eclipses in Brooklyn on August 3 for an event hosted by Splendid SpoonDetails here if you'd like to join.

If you'd like to schedule a session in person, I'll be in Brooklyn and North Fork, NY, for the first week of August, and Boulder beginning August 22. (Mid-month, I'll be in retreat.) Send me a message if you'd like to schedule an Astrology Reading or Energy Healing in person or via Skype.



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Astrologically, August is the most anticipated and dramatic month of the year. Eclipse Season is upon us, and we've stepped across an otherworldly threshold into the kingdom of auspicious coincidences, drastic changes, and the ripening of karma. It is more important than ever to ask: What do we truly want that we've been afraid to ask for? What can we release that is standing in the way of fulfilling our purpose? We are all the Suns of our own Universes, with shining hearts and unique gifts that we can bring forth to the collective. It’s risk-taking time, and this potent Eclipse Season is marking the moment when we can finally grow into ourselves with authenticity and the full spectrum of our light. We can find joy while orienting to humanity and enlightened ideals. But first, we can meditate, clear our minds, ground to the earth, and allow divine guidance to light our paths. We are becoming more honest, opening to discomfort and uncertainty, and strengthening our purest convictions. Before we commit to whatever brings us joy, we must be willing to surrender. Eclipses force us to let go, removing obstacles to all that is true. We can relax and trust this potent and swift process set forth by the stars.

With the lion’s ferocity and staggering courage, may we become our truest selves. May we shine as brightly as the late summer Sun, with clearer minds and hearts, basking others in the heat of our loving expression.... Read the full article about August's astrology here.

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