eclipse season

by Juliana McCarthy

August 1, 2017 — As we enter August, Leo is in command—the joyful, heart-filled lion. However, this is no ordinary Leo month. The lion's usual directness is blurred by the fog of an over-the-top Eclipse Season. Last month's New Moon opened a magical portal, and we stepped inside the land of synchronicities and miraculous shifts. If this year has felt crazy or unpredictable, the crescendo of chaos is yet to come. With two eclipses on August 7 and 21, the Universe is ready to bring revelations, sudden jolts, and hairpin turns. In particular, the total Solar Eclipse on August 21 will be a zinger, falling solely over the United States. This hasn’t happened since 1918. We can prepare to experience further political shock this month, especially in the U.S,.

On a personal level, our life paths are rumbling beneath us, ready to unfurl. We have been planting seeds since May—since the beginning of a Grand Trine between Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node. Now, we can take our intention-setting seriously. We can rest in stillness and open to the catalysts of change that are ready to strike.

Eclipses remove anything standing in the way of our heart's fulfillment—as long as it's rooted in purity and love for all beings. Our inner light is radiating more brightly, and our talents bursting forth. We only have to find the courage to face the immensity of our beings.

August Transits

Uranus Stations Retrograde

The themes of August revolve around erratic, humanitarian Uranus. Appropriately, we begin the month with Uranus stationing retrograde on August 2, heightening the planet’s powers. This can lead to breakthroughs, which disrupt our cyclical patterns. Flashes of insight and unexpected reversals are likely now.

Since Uranus has been in a beautiful Grand Trine with the North Node and Saturn, we might experience a great awakening around our life path. Now is the time to ask for exactly what we want. This month is ready to align us with our true calling.

Uranus has also been in a potent T-Square on-and-off since last November. As it stations retrograde, we may experience the grand finale of situations or energies that began in early November. Politically, we might witness implosions and drastic changes of course. Like the rest of the year, we can expect the unexpected.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

August 7 brings a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, sign of authenticity and humanity. Lunar Eclipses trigger revelations, and this Eclipse in particular will force us to see what is closest to our hearts.

What is holding us back from going after our desires? Is it time to let go of friendships, relationships, or jobs that have become toxic? In love, family, or career, should we take a risk and go for what we want, in ways we’ve always feared?

Emotionally, there is nowhere to hide, and it’s time to be honest about who we are, what we want, who we love, and how brightly we can shine.

Of course, these pursuits must align with the greater good. Selfish desires will not fly this month. It's time to work together in groups, tribes, and communities for the sake of the collective. We can stand together joyfully as warriors of love, furthering egalitarianism and goodness. We are discovering our part in establishing enlightened society.

Mercury Stations Retrograde

On August 12, Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo, asking us to reevaluate communication and speech. This retrograde cycle lasts longer than usual—twenty-three days—stationing direct at the same degree as the Solar Eclipse. This synchronicity makes the effect of the retrograde tenfold. We are likely to experience drastic karmic resets around our mental patterns. On a personal level, we could find ourselves breaking free from cyclical thoughts, insanity, obsessions, and self-limitations. As a collective, we have the potential to purify and refine our speech, restoring integrity to our cultural rhetoric, especially among public personas—like newscasters, journalists, and politicians.

Total Solar Eclipse / New Moon

The Solar Eclipse arrives on August 21, marking the most anticipated astrological event of the year. Since it only falls over the United States, it is known as The Great American Eclipse, bringing complete darkness to many parts of the country. This total Solar Eclipse is expected to elicit dramatic, impactful changes—shaking life as we know it to the core.

For months, the message has been clear—we are laying the foundation for our long-term future. It is more important now than ever to ask for what we truly want, both for ourselves and the world. Speeding up our fate while restoring balance, this Eclipse in Leo will make sure that we are aligned with our hearts, acting from a place of authenticity and compassion.

Since it falls at the same degree as the fixed star Regulus, we will find success only by avoiding vengeance. If we’ve been acting from a place of malice toward others—if we've stood by selfish ideals, unfazed by harming others—we will undergo a rectification of power. Misguided pursuits stand to self-implode and evaporate.

Sun enters Virgo

On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo while Mars forms a harmonious trine to stabilizing Saturn. These are earthy influences, helping to restore stability from the rubble, as we begin to rebuild our future. The energies are shifting from egotistical, sometimes selfish Leo into humble, pure Virgo. This is a time of harvest, so we will now begin to experience the fruits of our intentions and labor. We are calming down a little, becoming more pragmatic, and asking how we can serve others with our newly polished hearts and leonine talents.

August Summary

Astrologically, August is the most anticipated and dramatic month of the year. Eclipse Season is upon us, as we’ve stepped across an otherworldly threshold into the kingdom of auspicious coincidences, drastic changes, and the ripening of karma. It is more important than ever to ask: What do we truly want that we've been afraid to ask for? What can we release that is standing in the way of fulfilling our purpose? We are all the Suns of our own Universes, with shining hearts and unique gifts that we can bring forth to the collective. It’s risk-taking time, and this potent Eclipse Season is marking the moment when we can finally grow into ourselves with authenticity and the full spectrum of our light. We can find joy while orienting to humanity and enlightened ideals. But first, we can meditate, clear our minds, ground to the earth, and allow divine guidance to light our paths. We are becoming more honest, opening to discomfort and uncertainty, and strengthening our purest convictions. Before we commit to whatever brings us joy, we must be willing to surrender. Eclipses force us to let go, removing obstacles to all that is true. We can relax and trust this potent, swift process set forth by the stars.

With the lion’s ferocity and staggering courage, may we become our truest selves. May we shine as brightly as the late summer Sun, with clearer hearts and minds, basking others in the heat of our loving expression.

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