Astrology Immersion
Retreat in Guatemala

with Juliana McCarthy + Severin Geser

January 12-18, 2019

  • Immerse yourself in learning astrology

  • dive into deep self-exploration

  • relish in the magic of Lake Atitlan

  • Meditate + practice yoga daily

Want to learn astrology but unsure where to begin?

Want to spend five days on magical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, immersed in meditation, yoga, astrology, and self-discovery?

We’ve created our dream retreat!

Join us on this powerful retreat led by astrologers and meditation instructors Juliana McCarthy and Severin Geser. Wake up and practice yoga and meditation, eat three meals made of local produce, come together for classes on astrology, going deep into the personal planets and North and South Nodes, and spend a couple hours each afternoon resting, swimming, or hiking.

We will delve into the fundamentals astrology—exploring our Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and North and South Nodes. We’ll examine our own natal charts, learning the art and language of astrology through deep self-exploration.

Appropriate for people of all levels of astrological knowledge. If you’re a beginner, this is a perfect introduction. If you’re already an astrologer, this is a chance to go deeper.

Who are we according to astrology?

Our Sun answers:

What is our basic ego and personality? What brings us vitality and joy?

Our Moon answers:

Who are we beneath the surface, in our relationships and emotional life? What brings us deeper contentment and fulfillment?

Our North and South Nodes answer:

What are we here to do in this lifetime? What are our natural talents, and how could we best apply them? What pursuits would fulfill our true life’s purpose? And finally, what do the nodes reveal about our past lives and unresolved karma?

We will cover these topics, and so much more. Come with all of your questions! There will be ample time for Q+A, privately and with the group.



Food is vegan, except for eggs. Made from a large variety of fresh, local vegetables.
We easily accommodate those with dietary restrictions and needs.


The retreat will be held at The Hermitage Retreat Center on Lake Atitlan, run by Severin and his family.
Check for photos of amenities.


Our basic schedule will be: morning meditation and yoga, breakfast, 1st class, lunch, afternoon rest, 2nd class, dinner, Q+A, and sleep.
On one of the days, we’ll take a boat into town for lunch. Included in price. There’s an option to stay an extra day to explore the land, meditate, or ask questions.


Prices are all-inclusive (accommodations, food, day trip, meditation, yoga, teachings)

Private cabin (with private bath): $950 (+ $80 for optional extra day) - SOLD OUT
Shared cabin (for two people: one bed, private bath): $800 each (+ $50 each for optional extra day)
Semi-private room (two beds, shared bath, roommate either chosen or assigned): $800 (+ $50 for optional extra day)
Dormitory: $730 (+ $30 for optional extra day)

Flights + Transportation

Fly into Guatemala City on January 12. We will pick you up (included in cost of retreat).
Fly out on January 18, or January 19 if you’d like to stay an extra day at a minimal cost.
Check for cheap flights.

Write with any questions.