Aries new moon:
An electric jolt

by Juliana McCarthy

Leon Spilliaert, Rockets, 1917

Leon Spilliaert, Rockets, 1917

April 15, 2018 — The Aries New Moon arrives on Sunday, at 9:57pm EDT. The Moon is conjoined with electric Uranus, planet of revolution, freedom, and epiphanies. With Mercury stationing direct, we're charging forward in more ways than one—leaving behind a challenging retrograde period, which left us in stagnation and relationship turmoil.

Now, it's time to heal and break free. We're removing obstacles, mending bridges, and releasing our pent-up anger and frustration. With fresh perspectives, we can finally dive into the astrological New Year, more inspired, awakened, and free.

Meanwhile, Chiron is preparing to shift into Aries, where he'll begin a fifty-one year cycle of healing. We could feel our vulnerability triggered as we transition into this monumental new phase. Attitudes toward aggression, violence, and war are shifting, along with the collective masculine. First, we may have to experience crises of healing so we can consciously address our wounds. Feeling our pain and shedding our guilt, we'll be able to leap ahead more united, with electrified hearts.

As we enter this period of rebellion and initiation, we might ask ourselves: What do we long for? How will we go after it? 

With Mars sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto, there's a battle between clinging to the past and yearning for change. Since Jupiter is moving through Scorpio, the victor is clear. We must release the past, surrendering to our fears of the unknown and our next incarnations. Even though Saturn is moving through Capricorn—smothering us with duty, propriety, and oppression—this is no time to remain stuck in old patterns and conditioning. We must find our own voices and truth, speaking them fearlessly as we set intentions and forge new paths.

Anything building inside of us is ready to let loose. Whatever people have been expecting of us, we can now step into our own vision of who we are and where we’d like to go. Gone are the days of holding ourselves back to make others feel secure. At the same time, we can no longer block anyone else's progress. It’s time for all of us to call on our bravery and authenticity. Establishing pure intentions, we'll be able to trust ourselves better—shedding stifling concern for others' paths or perceptions.

This year, there's no doubt that the transits are heavy. The planets are leading us through the underworld while demanding we take responsibility and face our karma. We're rebuilding—ourselves, our lives, and the world—from a place of integrity, patience, and emotional courage. Now, we might remember to look toward the sky and relax. As we move ahead, with gentleness and perseverance, we can make space for our beauty, joy, and equilibrium, remembering that the peace in the center of our beings is with us all along.

On this powerful New Moon, may we find our truth and speak it. May we break free from the past, diving into the mysterious and infinite future—minds clear and hearts ablaze.

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