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relationship reset

by Juliana McCarthy

National Geographic

National Geographic

October 5, 2017 — On Thursday, an epic Full Moon arrives in Aries. Venus and Mars—planets of love and sexuality—have been joined together since the start of the month, while forming a trine to volcanic Pluto. We've been unearthing our anger and deepest desires, and now, the Aries Full Moon is helping us to culminate this period of increased passions. We are releasing old relationships, and initiating a new cycle around love.

Jupiter has been in Libra for the past year, emphasizing our relationships. Uranus has been opposing Jupiter the entire time, bringing revolutionary and disruptive energies to our partnerships and friendships. With Jupiter at the last degree of Libra today, our work around interpersonal patterns is reaching a peak. We are now ready to deepen our intimacy, clarify our desires, and muster the courage to go after what we want.

What do we long for? What do we need to release? What steps do we need to take moving forward?

With Jupiter and Uranus in opposition since last November, we have been facing ourselves truthfully—our limitations, struggles, and repressed emotions. Now, we have little choice but to relax and move on. If we’ve been perpetually single, it's time to finally dive in. If we’ve been harboring resentments or jealousies, we could now liberate and release them. If we’ve been in unhealthy dynamics with partners or friends, this is the moment to stop and reset.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10, and the collective energies are set for a major shift. We are preparing to enter a year of deepening our intimacy, healing old trauma triggers, and shining light on our most unconscious drives. Sexuality and depth are moving to the forefront, and we will have the chance for incredible regeneration. Thursday's Full Moon is clearing the path for this new phase. It is time to love ourselves fully—even the anger, the anguish, and the holding on. After all, loving and forgiving ourselves is how we let go.

As the winds cool and the leaves begin to change, may we open to shifting winds, knowing that weather is only temporary. May we embrace ourselves fully, becoming present with all that is.

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