New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo:

by Juliana McCarthy

Jules Verne - De la Terre à la Lune, 1874.

Jules Verne - De la Terre à la Lune, 1874.

February 15, 2018 — Today we wrap up an erratic Eclipse Season with an Aquarius Solar Eclipse. From here, we could begin to feel greater and greater ease. Magic, exalted love, and gentleness are starting to pour in, as key planets move into Pisces. But first, we have some restlessness to face. The trick now is to ask ourselves:

How can we experience our discontent, while still feeling ok in the present moment? How can we rebel and buck against the status quo, while still keeping our hearts open?

Our discontentment is wisdom, pushing us into a new phase. While we could feel shaky and uncertain, clarity is starting to arrive—as Mercury conjuncts this eclipse, then forms a superior conjunction with the Sun. Intuitive messages are streaming in, helping us envision a more inspired and aligned future. We’re giving voices to those who’ve felt unheard and opening to new dimensions and viewpoints that challenge our own. Together, we’re learning how to create a more enlightened society, beginning with our own lives, relationships, and communities.

With Venus in Pisces moving closer toward Neptune, dreamier and more mystical energies are starting to flow in, reminding us to relax, and connect with magic and oneness. After feeling immense claustrophobia around how things are, we're now preparing for softer energies over the next month that will connect us with exalted love, forgiveness, and interconnection. Whatever problems we’ve been experiencing could now heal and melt away. Contentious relationships could become more harmonious, as our mental patterns begin feeling more spacious. We're making room for exactly who we are and how we feel, and opening our circles to include everyone—while recognizing that we're all good and wise, and deserve to be loved.

Staying grounded is important—keeping firm boundaries, and tending to our bodies and obligations. Virgo helps us anchor, so we can move into deeper relaxation without escaping. Healing is now available to us if we're available for it. We might try sitting upright, feeling our connection to the earth, and opening our hearts to vastness and healing light.

On this Solar Eclipse, may we remember that we are all love. Like melting ice, may our stiffness and fractured edges dissolve into an ocean of oneness and self-love.

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