Aquarius New Moon:
Joining Together in New Energy

by Juliana McCarthy


February 5, 2019 — An auspicious Aquarius New Moon arrives on February 4, at 1:03pm Pacific Time, heightening our intuition and broadening our minds. The Moon is conjunct Mercury and sextile Jupiter, and here, we’re closing the eclipse portal, moving forward with an eye toward the future and our collective pursuits. Falling exactly between Saturn and Neptune, planets of tangible reality and dreams, the Moon is offering us the chance to envision our dreams and apply the practical tools we need to achieve them. It’s also helping us find the balance between truth and our highest ideals.

Only positive angles surround this Moon. Not only is it supporting us personally, it’s also assisting our efforts in working together as a community and society. This is a beautiful time to gather with our tribes and friends, supporting one another in furthering our understanding, deepening our connections, and remembering to laugh.

With Mars squaring Pluto, our anger and passion could feel powerful. But the Aquarius New Moon is helping us establish more objective reality. We can now harness our frustrations to move past any limitations that have been holding us back.

Energetically, we’re turning a corner. We’re undergoing major changes, and entering into new frequencies and alignments. We’re learning to integrate our suffering and become more whole, genuine, and capable of affecting change in our lives and the world. The masculine within each of us is also up for transformation, as we confront our unconscious drives, conditioning, and desires. Where are we heading, and it is truly aligned with our authentic hearts?

With Venus in Capricorn squaring Chiron, the feminine in each of us is also up for painful healing. Wounds from the past could arise so we can heal more deeply and establish new patterns around love, creativity, and our value systems. At the same time, this transit is offering a significant chance to cut through old habits, addictions, and inhibitions.

The North Node is still in Cancer, where it remains for a year and half. With this placement, we can remember to take care of ourselves all the while, finding the strength to stay vulnerable as we express our anger, rather than shutting down. We can slow down and check in with our hearts, spirits, and broader perspectives to make sure that we’re not triggering each other with careless rage or fear. We can allow ourselves to feel what we feel, with equal parts fluidity and integrity, compassion and clarity.

With patience, everything can come together now. We’re initiating major change, but it can’t happen all at once if it’s going to last. Now is the time to slow down, anchor in, and ask our hearts what we want to release, and what we’re ready to build. From here, we’ll be able to enter into the next chapters our personal expression, relationships, lives, and society at large.

On this Aquarius New Moon, may we feel our minds expand, our passions ignite, and our hearts heal. May we experience the blessings of friendship and community as we release the past, face the truth, and settle into a whole new frequency.

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