Aquarius Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse:
Awakening Through Chaos

by Juliana McCarthy

Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong

July 27, 2018 — The Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse arrives on Friday at 4:20pm Eastern Time, triggering a swell of emotion and a culmination of previous energies. This is a major lunation—the longest eclipse of the 21st century, residing between two Solar Eclipses. On top of that, the Sun, Moon, and Mars are forming a T-Square with Uranus, eliciting anger, aggression, and sudden change. Repressed situations, karma, pain, and turmoil from the past could now unearth for the purpose of liberation. This way, we will move into the future with greater resolution and lighter loads.

While we could be experiencing serious discomfort, conflict, shock, and frustration, we might also notice pings of excitement and freedom. We’re purging so much—letting go of addictive patterns, relationships, fears, and codependencies, while making room for an entirely new way of being. While we may feel disoriented or unsettled, we can trust that everything arising is for the sake of our growth and evolution.

With Uranus involved, we have no choice but to face our truths and unstick from situations that have been thwarting our highest potentials. Transiting Taurus, Uranus is lighting up themes of worthiness, relationships, safety, money, and survival. We’re inhabiting greater self-sufficiency, within ourselves and the material world. At the same time, we’re learning to trust ourselves more, and to stop seeking safety and security externally.

With Mars Retrograde and the Moon conjunct the South Node, old relationships may be showing up for rectification and release. Meanwhile, past-life memories could pour in with vivid clarity. Any traumas we’ve been holding onto, from this lifetime or previous ones, are ready for us to heal and transmute. We’re clearing the way for new energies—relationships, jobs, and circumstances—that are far more aligned with our authentic hearts.

It’s important now to stay calm, ground, and allow ourselves to express our anger, frustration, and grief. With messiness and honesty, we could feel free to expose the full spectrum of who we are, without judgement. At the same time, we could rally the courage to face the consequences of our actions, so we can clear karma and grow into our more realized selves.

We're deep inside the eclipse vortex, and it would serve us to pay attention to the fated quality of our current shifts and connections. They’re here to help us release the past, heal our resentments, and expand our hearts to include everything. Aquarius, after all, is the pinnacle of human potential. There’s room for everyone and everything—our pain, pleasure, anger, grief, love, and joy.

In many ways, this Lunar Eclipse is helping us remove blockages from our hearts and orient toward the bigger picture. We’re learning to inhabit unconditional love, allowing ourselves and each other to make mistakes as we also take ownership for harm we’ve caused—rectifying our actions for the greater good. 

This is truly a time to jump out of our nests and emerge from our cocoons. We’re breaking free and learning to fly, accepting ourselves fully, and opening to realities previously unknown.

On this Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, may we find the courage to surrender to truth and revelation. May we trust our lives' unpredictability as it shakes us awake, leading us down paths more beautiful and dimensional than we could have possibly imagined.

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