Aquarius Full Moon:
uniting in Love + Kindness

by Juliana McCarthy

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

August 15, 2019 — The Aquarius Full Moon arrives on Thursday at 5:29am Pacific Time, directly opposite Venus in Leo. Love is a key theme, within our personal relationships, friend groups, and communities. With Mercury trining Chiron and square to Uranus, we’re having breakthroughs in our communication, learning to say what we feel with greater vulnerability. In particular, our inner masculine is evolving as we discover that feeling and expressing our emotions are not problems, but actually healthy ways to move through blockages, allowing for intimacy, respect, and deeper connection.

Meanwhile, we may feel restless, stressed, or in despair. Uranus, the planet of disruption and electricity, has just stationed retrograde on Sunday. As it squares Mercury today, we could find ourselves overwhelmed or using cutting words without caution. Our roads to deeper and healthier communication may be rocky at the moment, but we can trust that everything arising is here to break us out of our ruts and reprioritize our values. We’re finally remembering as a collective that authentic emotional expression is more important than being proper, stoic, or repressed. Being in our heart centers while caring for one another is our greatest moral barometer, which no church, government, institution, or political leaning can teach us.

These acts of un-repressing and following our intuition are part of an ongoing empowerment of the feminine. Venus, after all, rules the feminine, and she now falls in a significant position, conjunct the Sun in Leo, and opposite the Full Moon. Heart, creativity, and playful self-expression are permeating all of us as we acknowledge our desire to forge deeper bonds.

This is a beautiful time to create community. We’re looking at societal problems like loneliness and isolation, applying our ingenuity to work together and alleviate them more effectively—with compassion, honesty, and mutual respect. What better way to solve the problems of the world than to join forces, building from the ground up, rather than waiting for a savior?

We’re now fully inhabiting a period of significant change as we undergo death and rebirth in the world, preparing to step into a new age of individual liberation and the potential for enlightened society.

These planetary energies are ripe for spiritual awakening. We’re discovering who we are when we strip away old structures, conditioning, and supposed-to’s. We’re dissolving our shame and learning to own past mistakes while still understanding that we’re worthy.

Most of all, we’re learning how to love each other with wholeness and depth, but also freedom. Those of us who’ve been running away from intimacy are learning to come back and sit in the fires of being seen. Those who’ve been possessive or clingy are discovering how to love without falling into painful spirals of hope, fear, or unhealthy attachment.

We’re up-leveling our love, calling back ancient wisdom around connection, sexuality, and romance as we understand that relationships are in fact spiritual path. We’re finding that matters of the heart are not clear-cut, but more nuanced. We can simultaneously express our sanity and our wild emotions, our depth and our ground, the illogical and the rational. 

As we strengthen our relationships with each other and our communities, becoming more emotionally and spiritually mature, we will be able build a powerful future paradigm—founded on principles of egalitarianism, authenticity, self-love, and mutual care.

On this Aquarius Full Moon, may we step into intimacy with open hearts, and without clinging. May we unite in community, offering our love, support, and kindness as we face tremendous change and build a kinder world.

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