April 2019 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy


Happy April!

April begins inside the hazy shadow zone of Mercury retrograde, conjunct Neptune. It's undermining the the usual certainty of Aries season. But by mid-month, we’ll be ready to integrate the messages of Mercury. Until then, we can celebrate this period of heightened dreams, spirituality, and otherworldliness. Our hearts can open wider as we surrender to not knowing.

Meanwhile, conjunctions between the South NodeSaturn, and Pluto are eliciting powerful catharsis and purificationKarma is ripening and exploding as we face old traumas and misdeeds. So much is falling apart as old structures dissolve. It’s time to heal from the past and rectify it. This way, we can open to new chapters, which are now ready to take root...
Read more about the Astrology of April in my article.


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April is marked by fogginess, deep karmic unraveling, and surprises. During the first half of the month, we’re still in the shadow zone of a particularly saturated Mercury retrograde. It’s time to relax into not knowing, embracing our spirituality, otherworldliness, and exalted love—rather than trying to bulldoze, fix, or control. Pluto and Saturn both conjunct the South Node this month, opening portals to past lives and old karma. We’re in a heightened period of looking back and working through traumas and harm that still grip us. As we do so, we’re cleaning our slates for the new paradigm to take root in 2020, when Saturn and Pluto join together in Capricorn. With a second Libra Full Moon arriving this month, relationship energy is high. We’re working toward conflict resolution and facing our discomfort and turmoil for the sake of liberation. We’re learning to be kinder, more authentic, and in our integrity. We’re opening to greater nuance as we dissolve our rigidity and fundamentalism. These are not easy times. So much is changing and falling away. If we’re struggling, we can remember to recommit to our sanity, feeling the strength of our spines and softness of our hearts. Our courage and compassion are growing as we join together to make these profound and necessary changes in our world.

As the first flowers of spring bloom all around us, may we appreciate the fires and storms that made them possible. May we release all concepts, dancing in the sheer phenomena of color, beauty, and magic.

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