Virgo full moon:
the fog is lifting

by Juliana McCarthy

 Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe

March 12, 2017 —  For the past couple of weeks, we have been recovering from an intense and confusing Solar Eclipse. Now, Sunday's Full Moon in Virgo is all about finding clarity, establishing boundaries, and developing healthy self-respect. Meticulous Virgo helps us to create order out of chaos by reminding us to take better care of ourselves. Arising from the Piscean fog, we can step into the sun, orienting toward simple acts of self-care—eating better, sleeping more, asking for what we need—then extending that love and care to others.

With the Sun and Moon along the Virgo-Pisces axis, we are slowing down so we can establish proper ground, rooted in sanity and practicality. From this anchor, we can look to the vastness of space, recognizing that basic goodness is inherent in all of us—even when we react with anger and confusion. While Virgo teaches us to be grounded humans, Pisces shows us the wisdom of forgiveness, reminding us that we are all interconnected and worthy of love.

How can we feel empathy without taking on the karma of others? How can we hold space for pain without trying to fix anything?

As Chiron joins the Pisces Sun, and we have the potential for tremendous healing. We are learning to face our wounds and experience our triggers as they rise to the surface without feeling squeamish. Then we can look at them more directly, receive their wisdom, and release them with gratitude.

With Venus in retrograde for another five weeks, previous partners and friends may be reemerging so we can better incorporate past lessons and apply these new lessons to establishing healthier relationships. We are purifying old karma, releasing connections that no longer serve us, and finding more equilibrium in our giving and receiving—relinquishing selfishness without self-sacrificing. From here, we can expand our love and groundedness to include more and more people.

Virgo loves to serve others. Her ultimate drive is to attain perfection. As we heal and clean up our inner selves and relationships, we are preparing to give more—to our families, friends, communities, and society. We are finding sanity in the chaos, aiming toward spiritual perfection without falling off kilter.

With relaxation and dignity, may we love ourselves just as we are. May we rest in uncertainty, rooting down so our hearts can branch out into limitless compassion.

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