Venus turns direct:
revealing lessons in love

by Juliana McCarthy 

April 20, 2017 — Venus stationed direct on Saturday after retrograding for the past six weeks. She has come out of hiding, having also revealed herself as a morning star. Now, she is bounding ahead in the light of day after leading us through old lessons around love, strength, and boundaries. We are moving forward with our relationships and creativity, better integrated, with a clearer understanding of which direction we want to take. Our work now is to master the balance between clarity and boundaries, gentleness and compassion. We must be strong but at the same time tender and fair, setting an example of inclusion and justice with strong spines and soft hearts.

This week, as Venus moves through Pisces, she is joined with Chiron, the wounded healer, and squaring Saturn, planet of karma and boundaries. Together, they are helping us to assert ourselves lovingly, healing wounds around flimsy boundaries and abuse. With Venus moving back into Aries next week, the feminine in all of us is strengthening, regardless of gender. We are healing the divide between the feminine and masculine, saying no with love, as we hold up mirrors to each other's blind spots, while at the same time embodying our kindness and humility.

Like Venus, may we reveal ourselves as examples of dignity and balanced love.

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