taurus NEW MOON:
slowing down

by Juliana McCarthy

 Ivan Fedorovich Choultse

Ivan Fedorovich Choultse

April 26, 2017 — Today's Taurus New Moon provides an opportunity to slow down and take good care of ourselves. We’ve been moving through an erratic period of stress and disruption, feeling pulled in different directions. Now, we can self-nourish and relax, finding our center as we return to our bodies. With Mercury in retrograde, we are feeling careful and methodical, letting go of trying to figure anything out.

What can we do to feel more grounded? How can we nurture ourselves, planting seeds of self-care before leaping to the next phase? Now is the time to establish sanctuaries, in our homes and our bodies. We might eat decadent food or take aimless walks, feeling the elements and relishing in our sensuality.

With Venus retrograding until recently, we were revisiting old wounds and feelings of unworthiness. Now we can allow those feelings to wash over us, integrating them into a stronger sense of confidence and gentleness. We are making room for love that is lasting, deep, and secure, purifying past karma and heartbreak so we can participate in higher quality relationships that begin with ourselves.

In the midst of this powerful period of change, we are easing our tempos on this Taurus New Moon. We are remembering to appreciate our surroundings and ourselves exactly as they are. Starting right here, we can connect to earth, feeling the wisdom of sitting still.

In the midst of swarming bees, blowing dandelions, and the dancing scents of spring, may we be like the Taurus Bull—steady, quiet, and strong.

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