by Juliana McCarthy

 Emil Bisttram

Emil Bisttram

November 14, 2016 — Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Taurus is the biggest, closest supermoon in seventy years, promising heightened emotions—hardly surprising in the wake of the U.S. elections. With the Sun in transformational Scorpio, Mars in shocking Aquarius, and Jupiter squaring Pluto, expanding the energies of death and rebirth, these transits are big, and they are continuing to bring tremendous change and revolution. While these energies are blasting us open, the Moon in Taurus represents a much different quality. Earthy Taurus reminds us of embodiment and groundedness. As we face chaos, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown, we can work toward staying present in our bodies, connecting with simplicity, and taking care of ourselves in every way. The axis of Taurus and Scorpio shows us how we can become cogs in an intradependent system—self-sovereign but at the same time connected to all beings. Our primary job now is to heal and find our centers. From there, we can establish families and communities from a ground of stability and kindness, and eventually, we can create a saner society.

While creating enlightened society may seem unattainable right now, we could recognize that a revolution has begun, and anything is possible. As we look over a frightening cliff into the unpredictable future, it’s important to acknowledge whatever feelings that are arising right now, to allow ourselves space to integrate and settle. Taurus Moon is now helping us to put on our armor and do our parts, both big and small, to fight for goodness, beginning within oursleves. Let’s remember that we are in this together, that we must forgive ourselves and each other, and commit to compassion and sanity. At the same time, we can allow these planetary jolts to awaken us out our of our complacency so we may protect each other, and foster the potential for a future paradigm that resonates with love.

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