Summer solstice 2017:
a light that never goes out

by Juliana McCarthy

 Charles E. Burchfield,  Clover Field in June , 1947

Charles E. Burchfield, Clover Field in June, 1947

June 21, 2017 — Wednesday marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun is at its zenith. The longest day of the year, this is the time to celebrate light, abundance, and joy. Astrologically, the Sun moves into Cancer—into the domain of the sensitive Crab. Ruling home and our emotions, we may be turning inward, placing more emphasis on our private lives than the world at large.

Who are our closest friends? Have we been giving our inner circles enough time and energy?

We might find ourselves swept up in nostalgia, longing for friends who've meant the most to us. With personal priorities coming into focus, we are realizing who we want to keep close, and how we'd like to relate to family and intimacy moving forward. Whatever our journey, we are becoming more sensitive to each other, supporting our loved ones with increased tenderness, nurturing, and protection.

With the Cancer New Moon arriving on June 24, we will have important healing to undertake, but for now, may we stop to bask in the warmth of the Sun. May we feel our expanding hearts radiating true love for friends and family, as we revel in our collective light.

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