spring equinox 2017:
ending the war between the sexes

by Juliana McCarthy

 Flor Garduño, Abrazo de luz (Embrace Light), México, 2000

Flor Garduño, Abrazo de luz (Embrace Light), México, 2000

March 20, 2017 — Happy Spring Equinox + Astrological New Year! Today, the Sun crosses the equator and moves to 0-degrees Aries. In the Northern Hemisphere, this means the start of spring, and for everyone, it's the beginning of the zodiacal cycle. This is a great moment to set intentions and to consider the energy you would like to call into your life for the next year.

The astrology around today’s equinox has much to do with restoring balance to the collective feminine and masculine energies. Venus is in retrograde, helping us to reconsider our relationships; Jupiter and Uranus are opposing each other in feminine and masculine signs, revolutionizing how we relate; and Saturn is conjunct the Moon, right on the galactic center, rewiring our emotional bodies.

How can we empower the feminine without going to war against the masculine? How can we develop love without weakness, assertiveness without anger?

As we move toward the new paradigm, we have much work to do in restoring peace between the sexes, beginning with ourselves and our most personal relationships. To achieve equilibrium, we must celebrate the qualities of receptivity and inclusion, while also acknowledging the necessity for protection and strength. As we calibrate the masculine and feminine, we are able to love ourselves and others more fully—without self-sacrifice or ego-mania. From this grounded strength, we can generate genuine compassion, as limitless as space. We can be like the first shoots of spring—vulnerable yet courageous, and full of vitality.

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