Scorpio FULL MOON:
positive transformation

by Juliana McCarthy

May 10, 2017 — Tonight's Scorpio Full Moon is transformative and intense, bringing about deep revelation. Full Moons shine through the dark, exposing our secrets, inner worlds, and what we normally keep hidden. Scorpio heightens these energies, revealing the dark corners of our psyches and our lives.

With Scorpio in effect, we are yearning to feel seen and understood. This requires loving ourselves, grounding to the earth, and practicing simple acts of self-care. The Taurus New Moon set the scene a couple weeks ago, laying a beautiful foundation for us to develop our worthiness. From there, we've been undergoing a process of examining ourselves honesty, transforming the places that are holding us back. This is now culminating with the Scorpio Full Moon.

With Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, forming positive angles to the Sun and Moon, we truly have the chance to surrender our blockages—things like guilt, shame, toxicity, and self-loathing. Represented by the Phoenix, Scorpio allows us to face our fears and touch the darkest aspects of ourselves. The flames consume our egos, then we can rise from the ashes and feel reborn. We now have the chance for positive transformation, and for going as deeply as we want into our metamorphosis. Then we can open to the next level of our soul’s evolution, deepening our intimacy with ourselves and each other.

We don’t have to fear being seen. We can forgive ourselves fully—even the parts of us that seem messy, ugly, or disgraceful. In the light of this powerful Full Moon, may we look inward and embrace all that we see. Then we can return to our lives and share that with others, extending unconditional love to everyone we meet. Lighter, clearer, and with a stronger sense of security and self-worth, may we experience our joy, nodding respectfully to our weaknesses while celebrating our unique talents—offering them to the world with humility and grace.

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