Sagittarius NEW MOON:
What do we believe in?

by Juliana McCarthy

 Shibata Sensei, photo by Marvin Moore

Shibata Sensei, photo by Marvin Moore

November 29, 2016 — Tuesday’s Sagittarius New Moon provides the opportunity to leave the past behind, and to set intentions for a new course. This New Moon provides a fresh start in the realm of relationships and social harmony, in particular. Jupiter is in Libra; Uranus is squaring Venus; and the New Moon is conjunct Juno—which represents commitment in love. We are now drawing in new relationships with friends and partners who can open our hearts, allowing us to expand our love to include more people. Simultaneously, we are releasing toxicity, closing doors on situations that trigger us, so we can take better care of ourselves, and show up for society with more compassion. 

With Neptune squaring the Moon, the superficiality of our belief systems could be stripped away, exposing our fundamental truths. We may find that our core morality is actually in accordance with those we thought had opposing points of view. As I heard someone say on the news last week, who was speaking out against bigotry, “This is not about right and left, but about right and wrong.” As Neptune breaks down walls, we may continue to feel surprised by how aligned we actally are.

As we move closer to unity, spiritual expansion becomes available to us with this New Moon, both on personal and collective levels. The planets are shaking things up so we can release delusion and blaze an uncharted path—one that is based on authenticity and realism. Sagittarius wants freedom and to manifest his highest ideals. We are now clarifying what those are so we can move toward them, with the speed and precision of the centaur’s arrow.

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