Sagittarius full MOON:
slow expansion

by Juliana McCarthy

June 9, 2017—Today, a powerful Full Moon arrives in Sagittarius right as Jupiter, the Archer’s ruler, stations direct. We might be feeling the pull to rapidly expand and bound into idealism, optimism, and joy. However, Saturn is also conjunct this Full Moon, issuing pragmatic constraint.

As the Wise Elder forms a beautiful Grand Trine with Uranus and the North Node, we are beginning to harness our inspiration, meaning, and ambition—laying the foundation for our long-term goals. After experiencing the shock of Uranus making his rounds since November, this stabilizing force comes as a relief, reeling us in from havoc and upheaval. Flooded with Jupiter's light, we can discover truth amid excessive chatter. We can begin to create order out of chaos.

With Ceres opposing this Full Moon, the theme of loss is also in the air. We are learning to touch the tender heart of grief and sorrow, seeing that it connects us to all beings. We must only allow ourselves to experience the full spectrum of emotions—without repressing them or ramping them up.

Reflecting the magnificence of the Summer Sun, may we shine just as brightly—wise, joyful, loving, and at peace. May we continue to expand, remembering more of who we really are, with care and conscious deliberation.

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