Aquarius Print by Alejandro Cardenas

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11 AC_Jules_Signs_Prints_Aquarius_preview.jpeg

Aquarius Print by Alejandro Cardenas

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Gorgeous zodiac prints by artist Alejandro Cardenas. Images are from Juliana McCarthy's new book, The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology, which will be out October 23.

Alejandro drew on inspiration from the origins of astrology. You can see ancient Egyptian influence in his mythological and thought-provoking renderings of the astrological archetypes.

These are limited and signed first edition prints, signed and numbered by the artist. There are a total of 100 per zodiac sign. We are releasing one sign at a time until the book’s release in October.

You can purchase a single print for $85 or the whole set for $750.

Dimensions: 12” x 18”
Archival offset prints on heavy weight matte paper

Zodiac Sign:
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