November 2016 Newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy November! This month, Scorpio is in command, submerging us into magic and transformation. We are clearing the way for deeper connections and our true paths. There is no hiding this month; we must find the courage to look at ourselves honestly and release what is no longer serving us. If we can, the rewards will be epic. Read about The Astrology of November in my article for Régime des Fleurs, linked here. You can also visit my website to read about Saturday's Scorpio New Moon, which laid the groundwork for this potent month. Read about November 14's Full Moon Supermoon here.

I'm about to arrive in NYC, where I'll be meeting clients this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have a few slots open if you'd like to schedule an Astrology Reading or Energy Healing in person. I'll be in Los Angeles next month and conducting Skype sessions as usual.

Monthly Discount:

  • $50 half-hour readings: we can talk about transits, dive deeper into your chart, or explore a relationship
  • $25 credit offered for each friend referred

November Summary:

Scorpio heralds a six-month journey into darkness before Aries arrives, bringing in spring. What happens when the leaves die and fall to the ground? What happens when Pluto is in command, the small planet that constantly emits x-rays? This month is ready to expose us, to shake our dead leaves until all that remains is bare bones. November confronts us with our fear so we may release it and return to love. With Jupiter in Libra, and Scorpio piloting the ship, we are plunging deeper into a path of intimacy, creating new relationship paradigms, healing old wounds, and opening to a higher vibration of love and connection. While change may feel painful and uncertain, if we can conjure courage, we will grow into our true potential, and the strength of our unencumbered hearts.

As the crows circle overhead, searching for corpses, and deer delicately pick through the rotting apples, may we celebrate the inevitability of death, which in truth is not an ending, but an opening into other realms, and a chance for rebirth. In the darkness, the tangible is hard to see, while what is within us becomes illuminated. May we take this opportunity to discover that there is no difference between light and dark, as long as our hearts are open—as long as we touch in with fearlessness, saying yes to all that arises.

Read the rest of my article about November's Astrology here.

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