MERCURY stations retrograde:
obliterating old structures

by Juliana McCarthy

December 19, 2016 — Today, Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn. While many fear Mercury Retrogrades, they also present magical portals where we can plunge into the psychic realm, play with surreality, and reexamine old relationships and issues. Thad said, the Mercury Retrograde period that begins today and ends January 8, is particularly intimidating. Mercury is stationing retrograde within one degree of Pluto, which is also forming a T-Square with Uranus and Jupiter.

Pluto represents control, destruction, and the deep subconscience, and this alignment could highlight where we are holding onto deception and unnecessary force. Power struggles could arise now, along with heated arguments or even violence. At the same time, this is a wonderful time to deepen our thinking, heal troubling matters, and unearth secrets about ourselves and others. Probing mysteries and the supernatural could bring fruitful epiphanies.

Since Jupiter is in Libra, sign of relationships, this is also an auspicious period to gain better understanding of our relationships, while dismantling and reconstructing old dynamics and commitments. We only have to be wary of manipulating others to achieve our personal desires. With pure intention, we could use these energies to obliterate misconceptions and to help each other open to heightened spiritual understanding. If we relax our bodies and surrender ego, now is a moment for revelation and transformation. We could break through restrictive patterns around our thoughts and communication, while glimpsing the limitless power of mind.

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