May 2017 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy May! 

Astrologically, this is probably the best month in an otherwise erratic year. The planets are providing the chance for us to groundstabilize, and launch into a new phase of discovering our joy. The Moon's Nodes are moving into Leo and Aquarius, and for the next eighteen months, we are orienting toward playfulnesspleasure, and creative expression. Read more about this sweet month in my latest article on The Astrology of May.


I'll be in Boulder for most of May, working mostly via Skype. I'll also be traveling to NYC May 14-21. Send me a message if you'd like to book in person or via Skype.


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In a year marked by major upheaval, the astrology of May offers a much-needed reprieve. Taurus is in command, and we are slowing down and connecting with the elements, simplicity, and pleasure after a stressful start to 2017. Now, we can relax and touch earth, calming our minds and hearts after feeling pulled in many directions. Keeping us from falling asleep, Uranus is making his rounds, zapping our complacency and falsehoods with lightning bolts. With Uranus forming a supportive angle to Saturn, the unpredictable energies—change, shock, and revolution—are beginning to settle as the future takes shape. This sets the perfect scene for the North Node to move into Leo on May 7. We are beginning a journey of discovering joy in each moment and expressing our talents to the world for the benefit of all. With a beautiful Grand Trine set to arrive, we are more deeply discovering our life’s purpose. The month of May warms the seeds of this epic journey.

Like bears awakening from hibernation, may we take time to feel our bodies as we move slowly toward the light. Surrounded by dogwoods and lilacs, may we open fully to the earth—celebrating our gifts, this life, and the beauty of the phenomenal world.

Read the rest of my article on The Astrology of May here.

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