exploding hearts

by Juliana McCarthy

 Tantric art from India

Tantric art from India

April 11, 2017 — Today’s Full Moon in Libra defies the wishy-washiness and lightweight romanticism typically assigned to Libra. This Moon is an exclamation point at the end of an arduous journey of recalibrating our relationships. We are feeling the impact of Libra's punch—the strength of orienting toward harmony, gentleness, fairness, and love.

Many transits are ignited today. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, the Sun is conjunct Uranus, and both are squaring Pluto. Venus, Libra's ruler, is conjunct Chiron, while both square Saturn. And meanwhile, Saturn is transiting over the Galactic Center. In summary, this means that we are feeling the power of love expand as we restore justice, balance karma, and grow further into our authenticity.

Three planets are also retrograding today. Mercury, Saturn, and Venus are making sure that we’ve learned past lessons. Family wounding, heartbreak, old relationships, and outmoded value systems are rearing their heads in loud and obvious ways. If we’ve been doing our work, we may feel pleasantly surprised by how far we’ve come, noticing healthy boundaries in place as relationships become easier. If life feels painful, we have the opportunity now to consider whether we’ve been honest with ourselves and generous to others, rectifying anything that is out of whack.

In the end, Uranus, the liberator, is pushing us to leap and to shed the cocoons of our habitual patterns. Chiron and Saturn are helping us to abandon stories about the past so we can float more gracefully through the currents of life. Beliefs such as—I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have nothing to offer, I’m unworthy of love—are set to dissolve. And at the same time, we are learning to say no—to create healthier dynamics so we can love more freely.

We are all basically good and brimming with worthiness, exactly as we are. If we can trust ourselves, we will be able to absorb the pain of others' projections—understanding the nature of suffering since we've met our own. On this glorious Full Moon, may we feel the explosion of our perfect hearts, our true nature shining through.

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