Leo Full moon / Lunar eclipse:
an emotional purge

by Juliana McCarthy

 Max Ernst, Bryce Canyon

Max Ernst, Bryce Canyon

February 10, 2017 — Today's Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is extra powerful, with the Sun and Moon forming several Grand Configurations. A second eclipse is around the corner, and we have now entered a two-week period of emotional purging before beginning a fresh new phase.

Since Venus and Mars moved into Aries last week, we are becoming clear about what we want—in terms of relationships, motivations, and creative endeavors. Now is the time to leave behind anything that is holding us back from our authentic vision. We are ready to break free from old addictions, toxic relationships, and martyrdom in order to fully engage our deepest layers of authenticity.

Although a massive T-Square is still in the sky, rattling up chaos and destruction, a harmonious Grand Kite formation is also effect, helping us to organize and stabilize revolutionary energies. We are paving the way for the future, with both daring and practicality.

Since this is the first eclipse along the Leo-Aquarius axis, which will remain for a year and half, we are discovering how to bring our talents to the fore for the benefit of humanity. As friends and communities, we are coming together to celebrate life and its true meaning, remembering the joys of what we're fighting for.

The more we can release our toxicity and solidification right now, the more we will be able to come together and help each other establish a more enlightened way forward. Within ourselves, the planets are beckoning us to let go of anything holding us back from genuineness. Now we must step into the roles of healer, teacher, communicator, listener, lightworker—regardless of fear, unpopularity, imperfection, messiness,  or rawness. We are surrendering ego, and offering our talents to the world so we can collectively awaken, relishing each other and this life fully—with dignity, humility, and courage.

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