June newsletter 2017
Juliana McCarthy

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Happy June!  With Gemini in command this month, we may be feeling social and speedy, rushing to check things off our list and connect with friends. At the same time, we're experiencing intense transits around love, creativity, and speaking our truth—impulses that could either feel liberating or get us into trouble. As Saturn begins to temper the chaos of Uranus, we are planting seeds for the future we want to create, playing with the power of manifestation and imagination. Now is the time to ask ourselves what we want our future to look like. Read more about the Astrology of June in my latest article.


I'll be in Boulder for most of June, working via Skype. I'll also be traveling to NYC the third week of June. Send me a message if you'd like to book in person or via Skype.


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As we enter June, the Gemini twins are at the helm, with twinkles in their eyes. The gregarious tricksters are leading us to socialize more as we skip across our varied interests. At the same time, darker clouds have cumulated, bringing depth to Gemini’s shallow waters. The tension arrives not to punish us, but to further our paths toward authenticity and evolution. With multiple challenging angles arriving this month, we must take care to avoid falling into old, addictive patterns. After all, the overarching theme is bright. The North Node is moving through Leo while a gorgeous Grand Trine carries us through the summer. We are beginning to build our future, determining how we can show up for the world practically—with meaning and with joy. Meanwhile, we are learning to connect with each other more deeply, recognizing the power of our words, relaxing our defenses, and opening to each other with respect and curiosity.... Read the rest of June's article here.

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