harnessing creative chaos

by Juliana McCarthy

June 1, 2017 — As we enter June, the Gemini twins are at the helm, with twinkles in their eyes. The gregarious tricksters are leading us to socialize more as we skip across our varied interests. At the same time, darker clouds have cumulated, bringing depth to Gemini’s shallow waters. The tension arrives not to punish us, but to further our paths toward authenticity and evolution. With multiple challenging angles arriving this month, we must take care to avoid falling into old, addictive patterns. After all, the overarching theme is bright. The North Node is moving through Leo while a gorgeous Grand Trine carries us through the summer. We are beginning to build our future, determining how we can show up for the world practically—with meaning and with joy. Meanwhile, we are learning to connect with each other more deeply, recognizing the power of our words, relaxing our defenses, and opening with respect and curiosity.

Venus Conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto

June begins under the spell of difficult aspects, as Venus in Aries fast approaches erratic Uranus while simultaneously forming a square to explosive Pluto. Volatility looms around love and creative work, and we could feel the urge to break free, artistically or romantically. Somehow, we must create more space to be our truer selves and to produce more authentic work. Whether we feel hampered by a relationship, job, or boss, it is hard to resist the impulse to revolt or to take risks for the purpose of feeling untethered. Since artists create culture, and culture creates society, this energy of creativity and originality must first blossom, uprooting the stale ways of the past. Then we can begin to draw plans for a future society,

With Venus squaring Pluto, we could also feel a pull toward old habits or toxic relationships. The key is to remember our past lessons, to love ourselves and embrace our pain more fully, and to avoid returning to avenues of escape—even if they seem to be lined with colorful flowers and songbirds chirping their sweet songs. If we find ourselves seduced into previous habits, we must notice with honesty and neutrality, and simply return to sanity and health.

Mars opposite Saturn

Until June 11, we are also touched by a Mars-Saturn opposition, which forms a T-Square with Chiron. Obstacles could be arising, impeding our progress. We could feel winded, disrespected, or prevented from expressing our truth. Saturn, Lord of Karma, is issuing restraint, making sure that we’re taking responsibility for our actions. This way, we can find realistic solutions for our ongoing problems. We might learn to relax with these hurdles, releasing our tension and resistance as we hear each other out, free of presumption or animosity.

Sagittarius full moon

On June 9, a powerful Full Moon arrives in Sagittarius right as Jupiter, the Archer’s ruler, stations direct. We might feel compelled to rapidly expand and bound into idealism, optimism, and joy. However, Saturn is also conjunct this Full Moon, issuing pragmatic constraints. As Saturn forms a beautiful Grand Trine with Uranus and the North Node, this Full Moon lights up an ongoing influence that allows us to harness our inspiration, meaning, and ambition. This way, we can lay the foundation for our long-term goals. After experiencing the shock of Uranus making his rounds since November, it should come as a relief to feel this stabilizing force, reeling us in from the havoc and uncertainty that’s been amiss. Flooded with Jupiter's light, we can begin to create order out of our chaos.

Venus in Taurus + Grand Trine

With Venus moving into Taurus on June 6 while our Grand Trine works its magic, the energy of manifestation becomes tenfold. It would serve us to reflect on how we envision our future. What do we want to feel when we wake up in the morning? Go to work? Look in our partner’s eyes? If we can sit upright and contemplate these feelings, generating them within our hearts, we will begin to call in the life that we want—one that is practical, exciting, and meaningful, where we have room to be ourselves, and an audience who celebrates our deepest expression.  

summer solstice

On June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Mercury moves into Cancer the same day, emphasizing the energy of the sensitive Crab. Cancer rules the home and our emotions, so we may find ourselves turning inward, placing more emphasis on our private lives than the world at large. Who are our closest friends, and have we given our inner circles enough time and energy? Perhaps we can become more sensitive to one another, supporting our loved ones with more tenderness, nurturing, and protection.

cancer new moon

Reflecting on home life is the perfect work to precede the New Moon in Cancer on June 24. Forming a challenging angle to Chiron, this Moon may elicit feelings of pain around not belonging or feeling disconnected with family and friends. Examining our family bonds and histories may help us to heal as we begin a new cycle of relating to our emotions and sensitivity. In fact, the vulnerability that arises now could be the missing link that allows for more meaningful connections.


The Cancer New Moon also creates a challenging T-Square with Jupiter and Pluto. This could lead to violent arguments toward the end of the month, as judgments and anger magnify. As always, the difficulties arise to slough away our solidity and ego-clinging, exposing our innate goodness. With Gemini encouraging us to connect with others this month, we could begin by touching our vulnerability—creatively and authentically expressing the indestructible light inside our tender hearts. This is the fodder for genuine communication and expression, the yarn that weaves enlightened society. 

June Summary

Entering June, creative energies abound as Venus squares Pluto while making her way toward Uranus. Old lessons are being tested, and the trick is to stay in our dignity, avoiding slipping back into toxic patterns and addictions. The Uranian planet of chaos is continuing to shake up our complacency, connecting us with authentic expression. But with a beautiful Grand Trine between Uranus, Saturn, and the North Node throughout the summer, we can stabilize the confusion. We can also work with the power of manifestation, deciding what it is we want to call in. What do we want to feel everyday when we wake up, when we spend time with friends, or go to work? With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Cancer, sign of emotions, taking over in June, we have the chance to strengthen our closest bonds and to heal our wounds around intimacy and vulnerability. As difficulties arise, our work now is to avoid cowering with fear. We can relax, hear each other out, and consciously release our judgments and contention. 2017 is a year of awakening—a process that by nature is uncomfortable. Facing our wounds and strengthening our bonds, we can build a future together, moving further into genuineness and meaning—both individually and collectively.

Like petals of magenta peonies, may we feel the heart’s blood of basic goodness permeate our being. May we notice our vulnerability and intelligence as they dance together—helping us to create a culture of kindness, one person, and one conversation, at a time.

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