July 2017 newsletter
Juliana McCarthy

Happy July! This is a month of Fire + Water, when we could feel ourselves boiling over. The purpose of these transits is to go deep, to feel the full spectrum of our emotions—even the jagged ones like anger and irritability. Through unflinching self-love, we can establish security and liberation from the inside out. The planets show us how.

This work is preparation for Eclipse Season, set to arrive next month. This stands to be a huge shift, especially for the United States. Read more about the Astrology of July in my latest article. 


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July is a passionate and volatile month, blasting us with steam. The elements of Fire and Water are mixing, creating uncomfortable heat. Like children who’ve been swimming for too long, we could feel waterlogged, red, and moody. But the purpose of this month's transits is to encourage us to love ourselves more and to find deeper security in who we are. Uranus beckons us to become more honest and authentic, while the most intense Full Moon of the year, on July 9, elicits our combustibility and anger, pushing us into fortitude and action. As Leo takes over the North Node, Sun, and Mercury, now is the time to rally our hearts and imaginations, to bring our talents to the world in more meaningful ways. The New Moon on July 22 foreshadows next month’s Solar Eclipse, providing an epic opportunity. Falling at zero-degrees Leo, the point of the magician, our dreams stand to blossom into epic fruition. How do we want our long-term future to look, both personally and collectively? Pluto is removing obstacles, Cancer is connecting us with vulnerability, and Leo, as always, is tilting our heads toward the joyful Sun. 

With inspiration, heart, and fearless compassion, may we uproot the past and heal. Bright and fully bloomed, may we allow ourselves to be, just as we are—expressions of true freedom. Read the rest of July's article here.

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